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In the meantime, the EQT has established itself in countless versions and colorways and is indispensable in the community. A model that is loved and appreciated by many sneakerheads around the world. Not infrequently we get to see new releases again and again, which fit like a glove. All the better that we can expect a lot of sexy colorways again in 2018. 

adidas EQT - beginning of a new era

After the unfortunate death of the founding father Adolf Dassler (founder of adidas), the label with the three stripes faced some tough years. There it was certainly a very daring step to equip all sneakers only with functional features and leave out everything unnecessary. Especially in those days, great emphasis was placed on pure aesthetics and just not on functionality. But adidas made the impossible possible by making sneakers for top athletes suitable for the street. The pure focus on sports and meeting the needs of athletes turned out to be a recipe for success. First and foremost, the sneakers were aimed at top athletes, but that didn't change the fact that the shoes looked damn sexy on the street as well.

This drastic restructuring ultimately ensured that adidas is as we know it today. In fact, the look with the three stripes hasn't been around that long, as it was first created along with the EQT. Peter Moore, the creative director of the original adidas EQT, had a simple philosophy with this shoe: "You don't just have a sneaker to have fun with it. You have to do something with it!" Now this may sound like a damn pragmatic approach, but this did not detract from the success and beauty of the EQT at all.

adidas EQT - the story of the design

Moore and his team designed the adidas EQT practically from scratch. They followed the clear guidelines that Adolf Dassler set for the company before his death. Every design should follow a clear benefit and meet the needs of the athlete. The philosophy of the EQT was to reduce the shoe to the essential parts, but at the same time make it something extraordinary. They experimented with new materials for every conceivable purpose. Cushioning elements were used for optimal energy absorption and the unique Torsion System was incorporated, which was designed to allow the forefoot and rearfoot to move freely from each other. Of course, the EQT also included the three distinctive adidas stripes. These were again highlighted by a support system for the midfoot, which through the stripes enclose the foot and give it stability.

The OG colors of the adidas EQT were originally green, white and black. These colors were arranged asymmetrically, which gave the sneaker a very unique look. The individual elements of the shoe were meant to provide enhanced support, protection and performance. Right from the start, the EQT patterned itself into a real crowd favorite and established a special connection with its fans.

adidas EQT - a worthy heir

After a little more than 20 years, adidas finally decided to bring back the EQT. It celebrates its comeback in countless designs like the adidas EQT Cushion or the adidas EQT Support ADV. In combination with the multitude of colorways, there is certainly something for every sneakerhead!

Since we obviously don't live in the 90s anymore, the trends and tastes have changed a bit, of course. The revived EQT therefore still honors the spirit of the OG, but defies the original in the same breath. Especially when it comes to color schemes, adidas took a completely different direction and moved away from the roots significantly. Nevertheless, even in its countless versions, the adidas EQT remains true to its origins and the same at its core. Each premium element is carefully assembled and always constructed with utility in mind. This is how the EQT can continue to carry its popular message to the world: you should keep everything that is essential and get rid of everything that is unnecessary. A philosophy that has prevailed for more than 20 years now and fascinates sneakerheads all over the globe.

What does EQT stand for and what are its main features?

Over the years, adidas has evolved the EQT line and introduced new technologies to improve the performance and comfort of the shoes. These include, for example, Primeknit uppers, Boost cushioning and torsion systems for added stability. But what does "EQT" actually mean? adidas EQT stands for "Equipment" and is a product line from adidas that is characterised by minimalist aesthetics and functional performance. Originally launched in the 1990s, the EQT line was developed in response to the growing demand for performance sportswear and footwear. A signature feature of EQT products is the three-stripe design that runs down the sides of the shoes. This design element gives the shoes a distinctive look and has become a trademark of the EQT line.

Popular shoes from the adidas EQT line

The performance line from Herzogenaurach has many brutal sneakers to offer that are celebrated by sneakerheads and athletes all over the world. But there are also some silhouettes that are particularly in demand and therefore appear in the news more often. Some of the most popular EQTs include the adidas EQT Support 93, the adidas EQT Support ADV and the EQT Support 91, of which there are several versions.
adidas EQT Support 93
The design of the EQT Support 93 is inspired by the running shoe culture of the 90s and combines retro elements with modern details. The iconic three-stripe design runs across the sides of the shoe and is complemented by reflective details that give the shoe an extra visual appeal. The main features of the shoe are the combination of textile and suede, which gives the shoe a premium look, and the use of adidas Torsion technology in the EVA midsole.
adidas EQT Support ADV
First released in 2016, the adidas Equipment Support ADV combines retro design elements with contemporary details. Its construction is very slim and minimalistic and the upper is often made of breathable mesh and synthetic suede, which gives the shoe a sporty, technical look. Fans especially appreciate the EQT Support ADV's sock-like construction and OrthoLite insole for extra cushioning and comfort.
adidas EQT Support 91
The adidas EQT Support 91, which debuted in 1991, kicked off the equipment line. It is designed to provide runners with optimal support and cushioning. Its elements are coordinated to create a harmonious balance between function and aesthetics. Again, the wearer feels the comfortable Torsion technology of the adidas EQT Support 91, while the EVA cushioning provides comfort and shock absorption.
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