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As the name suggests, the adidas Rod Laver is based on classic tennis shoes. It is one of the favourite picks of sneaker addicts that want to add a retro touch to their footwear collection. They are simply classic in design with minimal details and an excellent option for everyday wear. If you want a pair of shoes that excels in comfort, style, durability, flexibility, and reasonable price, then this is the pair you should invest in.

Rod Laver is undoubtedly one of the most lovable kicks amongst tennis lovers who want to look cool yet old-fashioned at the same time. Therefore, these sneakers are perfect for them. Most of its customers remain loyal to it due to its outstanding style and extra relaxing soles. Moreover, this shoe can be a top choice for you if you live somewhere with warm weather because they have sufficient ventilation and a breathable design. We recommend buying you this pair if you’re not a high maintenance guy because they are super easy to clean with no-frills aesthetics.

History Related to adidas Rod Laver

Rod Laver was an Australian professional tennis player who was famous due to his victories. adidas was inspired by Rod and obviously  named it after him. It was first officially launched in 1970, and until now, it has been praised by its fans for its classic look.

Who Should Invest in the adidas Rod Laver?

Not everyone can get every pair of sneakers; therefore, you must consider your needs first and then invest in a pair of sneakers. And for this reason, we have combined some of the points that will help you decide whether you should purchase them. So adidas Rod Laver is perfect for those who:
  • usually dress up wearing casual jeans, shorts, or joggers.
  • demand no break-in period in sneakers.
  • want a perfect summer shoe that is breathable.
  • demand extra comfort 
  • are huge tennis lovers and want to get tennis-inspired shoes.
Many wearers of the adidas Rod Laver suggest that this shoe is worth buying because it lasts them longer than they expected and does not compromise on its quality or durability.

Jeremy Scott makes the adidas Rod Laver shine in gold

Adidas Originals Hall of Famer Jeremy Scott took on the otherwise understated Rod Laver silhouette in January 2014. He gives the shoe his signature makeover and makes it shine with a shimmering gold treatment. The design is rounded off with a large Dollarteken Lace Clip.
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