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Twenty-five years of iconic history all began with a simple dream, a few phone calls, and some brave ambition. In 1989, Ken Block and Damon Way made the world's first DC shoe, and it went on to define an entire generation. The passion project that had begun in 1989 evolved when it incorporated into Circus Distribution Inc. that same year, paving the way for what was to come next. 

Of course, this exciting progress was accompanied by some disappointment as the 'Eightball' line was ultimately retired due to another company claiming ownership of the name. But as these setbacks occurred, progress forged ahead – immediately pivoting from one project to another – to give us what we now recognize as the bold and fearless lines of DC shoes! 

DC had a stroke of genius when they decided to invest in professional endorsements - soon enough, they found eight of the world's top skateboarders and set off on an incredible globe-trotting tour. 

From Tokyo to Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro to London, these pros shredded their way around the planet, showcasing their spectacular skills while gathering plenty of exposure for their newfound sponsor: DC Shoes. What began as a bold experiment quickly became a lucrative marketing strategy that firmly solidified DC's place in skateboarding culture. 

The late 90s saw DC revolutionise the footwear industry as it released both its first-ever television advert and children's range. This momentous entrance into the mainstream signalled a change in the way shoe companies marketed their products, forcing more established brands such as Nike and Reebok to step up to the challenge of competing with this innovative newcomer. 

By the early 2000s, DC had already started shipping worldwide and officially began its journey towards becoming one of the major forces in general sports and fashion footwear. Their determination powered an expansive reach that showed no signs of slowing down and allowed their exciting style to reach all corners of the world. 

In 2004, Block and Way had a tough call to make. Should they keep hold of their brand, DC Shoes, or would it be best served with a fresh pair of hands? It was a difficult decision, but they chose Quicksilver, and whilst the company passed to new ownership, Block remained firmly in the fold by becoming its Chief Brand Officer. 

With this role, he could influence the brand's direction from the inside and still have a sizable say - all while freeing up his time for other pursuits. DC Shoes may have been someone else's playground now, but Block ensured its philosophies remained rooted in him; after all, his vision was what sparked such an incredible journey! 

The Popular Models by DC Shoes 

Take a look below at the most iconic and popular shoe models by DC shoes: 

DC Shoes Lynx Zero 
The DC Shoes Lynx Zero is a stylish and functional skateboarding canvas that can thrive in any terrain. It has an awe-inspiring exterior with its sturdy toe cap, super-lightweight foam padded tongue and collar, and vulcanised rubber outsole that ensures optimum board feels. 

The breathable engineered mesh lining keeps your feet airy, making sure no part of the shoe remains soggy or too warm after long skate sessions. The eyelets are placed in just the right spots to give your ankles comfortable support without compromising your style.

DC Shoes Trase 
The DC Shoes Trase is the perfect combination of style and comfort. It boasts an orange sole, pops of grey colour, and a sleek, lightweight design that provides wearers with all-day wearability. 

With their modern look and feel, these shoes deserve a spot in any fashionista's wardrobe - they'll provide style to any outfit, whether it's a casual day out or a night on the town. The Trase also offers superior cushioning to ensure maximum comfort no matter where your journey takes you.

DC Shoes Williams Slim 
The DC Shoes Williams Slims are as sleek and stylish as they come, with a bright pop of red in the sole that screams modern street style. The upper is all attitude, black and white, to make sure your kicks make a statement. 

Whether you're pairing them with jeans or shorts, these shoes are guaranteed to be an eye-catcher wherever you go. Comfort isn't compromised either; the low-profile design makes sure you can show off your style all day long!

The Bottom Line 
For decades, DC has been a pioneer in the skate industry, and for a good reason. With cutting-edge designs and innovative features, their shoes have earned legendary status all over the globe. Any skater can confidently head to a smoke session knowing their DC kicks will not just look great but provide amazing performance. 

Not only that, but their line of men's, women's, and children's shoes are the perfect choice for any lifestyle – whether you're shredding on the board or chilling off it. DC provides sleek looks, comfort, and durability like no other – so don't get left behind and hop on board with one of the most storied names in skate apparel today. 
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