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K-Swiss is an iconic American sneaker company brand that has been creating waves in the sneaker industry for over 50 years. The business, founded in 1966 by two Swiss brothers, has gone far from its humble beginnings. The brand is rich in history and made its way to the top of the tennis shoe world in the 1970s. It all began with Art and Ernie Brunner, the tennis players, moving to California. And the goal was to pursue their dream — creating a tennis shoe because of the fact that tennis requires loads of "back-'n-forth" movements and any shoe could barely withstand that. So, they saw it as an opportunity to give back to society and to ease the journey of tennis players who were struggling just like them. 

K-Swiss - Creating Waves in the Sneaker Industry For Over 50 Years

The first shoe introduced as a result, in 1966, was the "K-Swiss Classic," which was a huge hit. The shoe was meant to be for tennis players, but no one knew that sneakerheads and fashion freaks would also go mad over this innovation. And does anyone of you know that this was the first shoe specifically designed for tennis players?

Collaboration with designer and artist Sophia Chang was a treat for the fans; of both the brand and Sophia Chang’s work. A collection of K-Swiss sneakers was created, featuring her signature bold and graphic style. 

What are the Latest Offerings from K-Swiss?

There are numerous releases from the K-swiss brand, but we're bound to talk about our favorite ones because it's impossible to talk about them all. So? Let's dive into the ones that felt impressive to us:

Cannoncourt — Timeless Design
We all know that white never goes out of style, and that's what you get with the Cannocourt model. If you have a thing for white sneakers, chances are that you might have already come across this beautiful series and have a pair or two at your home. And the good thing about the brand is that it comes with multiple variations of the white. It's been the "talk of the town" for many years, and it still is for many years to come — it's not hard to see why. 

The style is minimalist, clean, and simple, making it a go-to choice for on and off the track or any other casual occasion.

With K-Swiss touching half a century, the brand has proven to know a thing or two about purely comfortable sneakers. And see, the Cannoncourt is no different because of its durability and level of comfort. And the brand is a sucker for innovation, so they incorporate new technology into this model to make sure that this model stays a top priority for the die-hard fans of K-Swiss and the folks new to the brand.

This model dates back to the 1990s, with a great history worth discussing. This model was, and still is, about providing maximum levels of comfort, with its unique and cute design having tubes running through the midsole to provide extra cushioning and support to your feet. This model is especially helpful if you're an athlete or just an ordinary jogging hero. It supports your journey.

With the passing of time and technological advancement, K-Swiss has never failed to upgrade itself, and this tube model is no exception. Over the years, this model has evolved and has many new variations, styles, and models. And each one of them is unique in its way. There's this "Tubes Infinity," with its unique, modern design and enhanced breathability, for all the fashion freaks out there. And then, you got "Tubes Millennia", which is a combo of classic old cushioning with a more streamlined silhouette.

One thing consistent throughout this brand is the combination of comfort and quality. K-Swiss prioritizes creating shoes that look good on your feet and provide the softness you deserve.
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K-Swiss Set Pro









K-SWISS Tubes Comfort 200






K-SWISSDamen Tennisschuhe Outdoor "Express Light 2 HB"



K-Swiss Court Frasco



K-Swiss CR-Terrati Frstdgry/Lpsblu/W - 46



K-Swiss Court Frasco II Silvercloud/Rosgld - 37



K-Swiss Court Winston M Misty Rose/White - 35 1/2



K-Swiss North Court Wht/Sagbrsh/Cactsfwr - 37



K-Swiss Court Chasseur Wit/Zwart - 41 1/2



K-Swiss Court Chasseur Wit/Zwart - 40



K-Swiss Clean Court II Wit/Gulgray - 40



K-Swiss Court Cheswick Zwart/Zwart - 38



K-Swiss Granada II Wit - 41



K-Swiss Court Cheswick Zwart/Zwart - 43



K-Swiss Court Winston Wit/Wit - 36



K-Swiss Granada II Wit/Blauw/Rood - 44



K-Swiss Granada II Wit - 39



K-SWISS Slammcourt CC






K-SWISS Vista Trainer



K-SWISS Rinzler






K-SWISS Si-18 Rannell



K-Swiss Lozanii



K-SWISS Court Shield



K-SWISS Vista Trainer Mid WNT



K-Swiss Donovan



K-Swiss Clean Court CMF White/Gull Gray - 41



K-Swiss Belmont SO Tape White/Corporate - 38



K-Swiss Court Winston Wit/Wit - 44



K-SWISS Cannoncourt C LTH



K-Swiss Vista Trainer



K-SWISS Rinzler



K-SWISS Vista Trainer Mid WNT






K-SWISS Arvee 1.5



K-SWISS Arvee 1.5