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Nike Air Max 720 - Lifestyle Sneaker for Everyday Use 

Nike has introduced a new Air Max model called Nike Air Max 720. This is a brand new Air Max lifestyle sneaker designed for everyday use. Let's take a look at what this trainer has to offer.

With a similar Air unit to the Nike Air Max 270, the Nike Air Max 720 transforms into a perfect sneaker designed for athletes who are active in the gym or daily outdoor sports. A pull tab with a Swoosh logo and a 720 on the heels show the name of the new Air Max runner.

Similar to how the Nike Air Max 270 redefined the performance potential of Air by introducing a full-length Air unit, the Nike Air Max 720 excels previous (and high) expectations of comfort. The sneaker is specifically designed for maximum comfort while walking.

Does the Nike Air Max 720 Live up to Its Promise, or Is It Just Hot Air?

The Nike Air Max 720 has the fattest (literally) Air unit ever found in an Air Max. The predecessor of the Nike Air Max 720, the 270, comes with a height of 32mm. The Air Max 720, on the other hand, has a whopping 38mm. There has never been so much air! 

Due to the massive air chamber, the Air Max 720 does not only offer special comfort, but also a lot of support in the sneaker. The sneaker is certainly designed to provide maximum support for the foot.

How the Name Nike Air Max 720 Came About 

The name is derived from the visible Air unit. The name 720 comes from the idea that the Air unit is visible in 360 degrees horizontally and vertically. So, we had some maths geniuses work their magic to uncover this: 2 x 360 = 720!

The design of the first sneaker with the 720 Air unit was inspired by nature and, in particular, the organic radiation of energy in various natural wonders — this is reflected in every colourway of the Nike Air Max 720. So, here's where the nerds come in. For example, upcoming versions of the sneaker feature lava flows, the Northern Lights, the Milky Way, as well as sunsets and sunrises. 

Nike, however, is telling a bigger story through the colours for the 720, trying to tie the shoe to youth, who feel negatively impacted by today's political climate. Rather than focusing on negativity, the sneaker is meant to inspire, and that's why it's designed to be so bright. 

"The world is a chaotic and challenging space right now," says Courtney Dailey, Nike's VP of colour design. "Despite the powerlessness of some of our leaders, there's a youth optimism that feels really strong and resilient. It's how we can make the world a better place." 

The Nike Air Max 270 was a huge success for Nike, even if the Nike team was initially sceptical. Designing great shoes is nothing new for Raasch, who is the person behind the Nike Roshe Run. His approach to creating a successful shoe is not what you would think, but he doesn't even think about it. "A lot of people hated it when they first saw the Nike Air Max 270," he says. "They thought it was weird and that it wouldn't work. I think part of the fun of doing it is that if it fails, it fails. We proved that wrong with the Nike Air Max 270."

Not Just Stylish, But Eco-friendly Too 

The Nike Air Max 720 Air unit contains more than 75 per cent production waste. Nike Air shoes are produced with the aim of providing athletes with a more sustainable future. Thus, the goal is to show that there should be no compromise. Reducing the ecological footprint and optimising performance do not have to be mutually exclusive. For the Nike Air Max 720, all parts of the shoe have a composition of more than 75% recycled production waste. We think that's pretty cool!

Who designed the Nike Air Max 720?

Bruce Kilgore or Tinker Hatfield are responsible for many ingenious Nike shoes, but not the Air Max 720. This extraordinary design was developed by a team of designers and engineers at Nike. Through this collective process, with various experts working together, Nike wanted to ensure that the sneakerhead received the best possible product. Each genius on the team contributed their expertise in materials, cushioning and aesthetics, with the main focus being on the huge Air Unit.

When was the Nike Air Max 720 created?

Countless colourways of the Nike AM720 have already filled the release calendar, but the sneaker is actually not as old as you might think. The silhouette with the large air unit underfoot was first released in 2019. Fans didn't have to wait long, however, for Nike to unveil its first Air Max 720 collaboration. Back in June 2019, Odell Beckham Jr. aka OBJ released a revamped Air Max 720 and towards the end of the year, Undercover released three spaced-out Nike Air Max 720s.
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