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Balenciaga Triple S
Even if many don't want to admit it: the Balenciaga Triple S really got the dad shoe trend rolling and is thus considered the forerunner of the controversial fashion style. Other well-known brands such as adidas have now taken up the trend and launched their own dad shoe interpretations. Whether you like the shoes or not, they regularly generate a lot of hype!

Balenciaga Triple S - The story behind the sneaker

The Triple S was the result of a collaboration between Demna Gvasalia and the very decorated high-fashion designer David Tourniaire-Beauciel, who already has a number of shoe creations to his name and has been working with Balenciaga for a while. With such an experienced team in the background, the success of the Triple S was only a matter of time.

Some people are probably wondering how the name of this controversial sneaker came about in the first place. The answer to this question is actually relatively simple and is almost self-evident if you just take a closer look at the model. The name refers to the sole of the Balenciaga Triple S - or more precisely, to the three soles! The very characteristic and chunky look is primarily due to this very unusual sole structure. Each of the three parts is inspired by a specific sports sector, so that influences from basketball shoes, running shoes and track shoes become visible. Together, this results in the 6.5cm fat sole that ultimately gives the Balenciaga Triple S its name and unique look.

Interestingly, the Balenciaga Triple S was released at a time when the sneaker scene was dominated by minimalist silhouettes. Shoes with a low profile and very pared back details were simply ubiquitous. Many found the release of the Dad Shoe shocking and incomprehensible at first, but people with a keen interest in the fashion world had already expected this trend and were therefore not all that surprised. This is how counter-movements to existing styles and dress codes often emerge, which is why it was only a matter of time in the sneaker scene, too. The Balenciaga Triple S was lucky enough to lay the foundation for this controversial trend. What started as a shock has now become a very hyped fashion statement.

Balenciaga Triple S - love and hate

By now it should be clear to everyone that the Triple S polarises the sneaker world with its unorthodox design. We have emphasised this often enough 😉 However, in their enthusiasm or their hate, many people often forget that the sneaker can also have its advantages or disadvantages. To give you an overview of all the controversy, we'll summarise the most important points here.

Many people complain about the ponderous feel of the triple sole. We have also often heard about incorrectly placed logos on the upper. But the biggest criticism of the Balenciaga Triple S is obviously the look. Of course, this is a very subjective criterion, but it is by far the most frequently criticised aspect of this sneaker. You often hear that you can hardly combine the Triple S with outfits because it is simply such a massive appearance on the wearer's foot. This naturally limits you to a more specific style of dress, which ultimately goes well with the chunky look. What bothers a lot of people the most, however, is the very high price of the Balenciaga Triple S. However, it has to be said that the brand is generally set in a very high price segment. Whether that justifies the 650€ is another matter altogether 😉

On the other hand, at least as many people describe the Triple S as a damn comfortable sneaker. The quality of the materials is also often highlighted very positively. In particular, the uniqueness of the shoe is praised again and again by countless people. The relatively high price tag and the split in the community ensure that the Triple S is rarely seen in real life. Being in possession of the chunky sneaker is therefore something damn special. In general, it stands out from the crowd and that's probably why it's so attractive to so many. In the meantime, there are also a lot of different colourways, so you really have a wide selection to choose from!
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