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The Rise and Fall of Crocs: A Look at the Shoe's History and Popularity

Crocs have to be the most recognisable shoe brand globally; some call them the most comfortable shoes. At the same time, others think of them as funny-looking sandals. Undoubtedly, Crocs have evolved from clogs to eccentric fashion statements.

The brand has seen everything, from creating a distinctive design language to almost going bankrupt. The brand's history is full of ups and down. But all that has played an important role in making Crocs one of the most iconic footwear brands in the world.

From Boating Shoes to a Iconic Silhouette

Crocs were founded in the early 2000s with the basic intention of making the best boating shoe. Thus, they are named after the dangerous reptiles and have holes for airflow. In 2000, the founders Lyndon Hanson and George Boedocker acquired the unique design from Foam Creations. 

Fast forward to 2005, and the company was booming in all its glory. Dealing with celebrities, politicians, and influencers were common for Crocs. All this helped the brand reach new heights of success.

However, in 2009, all this came to an end. The brand started seeing a downfall as the stock value decreased. Years after years, Crocs was suffering from financial losses and was all ready to be closed.

Until 2004, when the company decided to streamline its operations for growth. Crocs decreased their production by saying goodbye to all the underperforming products. Also, introduced a new approach to advertising and marketing.

Today, with the help of celebrity endorsements like Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj, the brand has regained its position as the king. It has become one of the most prominent brands across various social media platforms and is gaining success every day.

Collaborations With Celebrities All Over the Globe

Crocs were once seen as the shoe choice for the older generation. However, the youth couldn't relate to older celebrities as times changed. The brand knew it needed to try something new. Therefore, in 2017, as soon as Crocs got stable in finances, the brand took on board youth-targeted influencers. Celebrities like Diplo and Justin Bieber helped the brand stand up once again. Now the brand has become the priority for a school-going kid to a middle-aged man. Even so, the brand made some celebrities walk the red carpet of the Academy Awards with their iconic silhouette. With the help of one of the cleverest marketing, Crocs is seeing its prime once again. The brand is signing deals with people all over the globe and has no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Crocs' Impact on the Shoe Industry

Ever since the pandemic, the demand for shoes has changed. Once, the footwear industry was ruled by the fashion category. Consisting of women and their insane love for heels. However, Crocs have reshaped everything. It has helped the leisure shoe category reach new heights. The category made around $5.2 billion in sales. Men, women and children are more likely to wear these bizarre-looking shoes rather than something fashionista.

In addition, Crocs have given a new meaning to the word advertising. Sneaker brands have been collaborating with celebrities ever since and it is not a new phenomenon. Jordan with Nike and Converse with Chuck Taylor happened in the 1980s. However, Crocs took a unique approach and tried something new. They have partnered up with KFC, cartoons, movies etc. This was something never seen before and has paved new areas for everyone. Not just in footwear, we are seeing crazy collabs everywhere. All thanks to the marketing team at Crocs.

Five Facts About Crocs

  1. The name and shape of the brand come from crocodiles. The name is the short form of the animal, and the shape is made to depict its face.
  2. Did you know Crocs are the traditional shoes of the Netherlands? The shoes were originally designed after the dutch style clogs. Their unique design is the major reason for their comfort and durability.
  3. One might think that Crocs have random holes in them for no meaning. Every clog has exactly thirteen holes on top. Allowing ventilation so your feet never get sweaty. In addition, it gives more character to your Crocs. Users can take advantage of shoe charms and make the clogs truly yours.
  4. Crocs are made from a material called Crostilite. This foam-like material forms the shoe into the shape of the human foot. Increasing the grip and comfort while decreasing the chances of injury.
  5. The company sees an increase in its sales and profits every year. What started as a boating shoe brand, now makes more than $3 billion a year. The company officials stated they want to take the company to $7 billion by 2026.
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