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The 10 Best Jeans

The 10 Best Jeans

Everyone has them — the perfect pair of jeans. They can be found in every wardrobe, whether as a practical and fashionable garment or as sporty trousers for a casual look in everyday life. But what actually makes a pair of jeans and where do the common favourite trousers come from? We answer a few important questions here and also show you the 10 best jeans you can currently get at retailers. Have fun!

 Represent R3 BAGGY DENIM - 175 €
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LFDY BAGGY DENIM "Sand Blue" - 110 €
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LFDY BAGGY DENIM "Light Blue" - 110 €
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Aries Jeans - 244 €
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Pegador Daule Baggy Workwear Jeans - 75 €
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ICECREAM Running Dog Jeans - 180 €
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Dime MTL Classic Men's Relaxed Denim Pants - 130 €
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PEGADOR Jeans BALTRA Baggy Fit - 70 €
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carhartt WIP Jeans STAMP Loose Tapered Fit - 150 €
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What Are Jeans?

As with many types of trousers, the origin comes from another area. Jeans — also known as blue jeans and studded trousers in the past — are particularly robust trousers and were worn by workers in the gold mines. Levi Strauss and Jacob Davies were the inventors who produced reinforced studded trousers through the patented production process. Since the invention, they have been made of cotton and hemp. To increase the comfort of a pair of jeans, other materials are often added. Usually it is spandex, which adapts better to the body and gives us better feel. The term "jeans" itself is inspired by the Italian city of Genoa. It is where cotton trousers are exported to the USA.

What Do We Mean by Denim?

When we think of denim, we often think of the blue-dyed cotton fabric that gives our jeans their typical blue look. It is the trade name for the sturdy fabric that is later made into denim clothing. "Denim" originally comes from the French "Serge de Nîmes" and means "fabric from Nîmes". At that time, the robust fabric made of cotton and hemp was produced in the city in the south of France, although many more countries now produce blue jeans. As far as the term is concerned, the American abbreviation "denim" is used nowadays.

What Types of Jeans Are There?

Today, we would probably call a pair of jeans "jeans" only because of the material. In fact, however, there are several types of jeans. By this, we do not mean the manufacture type, but the cut of a pair of jeans.

Straight-leg jeans: Perhaps the most uncomplicated jeans are definitely straight-leg jeans or regular-fit jeans. They have a normal cut and do not sit too high or too low. The regular cut is very comfortable and usually starts at the hip.

Skinny-fit jeans: Skinny-fit jeans are like a second skin. The skinny jeans fit very tightly from top to bottom and usually have a high stretch content. The cut of the jeans flatters the figure. Women like to wear these types of trousers in combination with a high-waist cut. The higher waistline makes it easy to conceal excess pounds with jeans.

Slim-fit jeans: Maybe you like them a little wider? Then go for the slim fit jeans. They are very sexy, but fit looser than skinny jeans. The cut is much tighter at the top and a little wider at the bottom.

Bootleg jeans: A trend where opinions differ. The so-called bootleg jeans are also called flared jeans and used to be worn en masse by almost everyone. In the meantime, the trend has returned, and fashion enthusiasts are once again reaching for the long trousers with a wide leg width at the back of their wardrobe. Often, the jeans are combined with high heels to fake endlessly long and sexy legs.

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