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Fear of God

Fear of God | The Most Awaited Collabs

The brand Fear of God is relatively new in comparison to all the other clothing giants. However, it has achieved incredible success. It was founded in 2012 by Jerry Lorenzo (Jerry Lorenzo Manuel) in Los Angeles. The brand only took 4 years to land its first major deal and it was immediately making a name in the eyes of every footwear enthusiast. 

The fashion label is no longer an unknown name for producing premium footwear. By its name, one might think that the shoe company revolves around religion and takes inspiration from God. Its authenticity and aesthetics have helped it become an important name for footwear. 

In addition, the brand has gained more recognition due to working with various brands such as Vans, Nike, adidas, and many more. The U.S. designer has a huge variety of shoe designs under his name, and the collection is only increasing.

Vans x Fear of God

The journey of great collaborations for the brand Fear of God started with the first partnership with Vans. The shoes were well received and popularised as soon as they reached the audience. Every shoe screamed of premium quality and well-designed philosophy. The boots on Lorenzo's radar were the SK8-Hi that got a new life.

The shoes were so successful that their release made people anticipate the following collection. The Vans Era and SK8-Hi in F.O.G. design are also a debut for the world. Moreover, the Vans Era shoes became the most coveted release and were sold for thousands of dollars on the resale market. 

Nike x Fear of God

As the brand F.O.G. was enjoying its days of success with Vans, it was already looking for the next collaboration. A year later, Nike came on board after success with Vans to make iconic shoes. 

In 2018, the two mega brands produced the Nike Air Skylon II and many other shoes.

Things got even better when high-top sneakers were released as part of the collaboration. Moreover, the collab produced a shoe like never before. The Nike Air F.O.G. 1 perfectly blended modern technology with aesthetics. It gained a level of hype never seen before. The shoe made its way in various colours that shocked the world of footwear.

However, as they say, every great thing must end. In June 2020, the most incredible collaboration came to an end. We will see no more swoosh combined with the crazy colours of Lorenzo. After the branding ended, the designer always showed room for working again with the brand.

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