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Rick Owens | MonoChrome History

Rick Owens is an iconic fashion designer with several sneaker collaborations. The designer has worked with companies like adidas, Veja, and Dr. Martens. The most recent collab is with Converse, where he partnered up to create a Dark Shadow, Chuck, and much more shoes.

The funny part is that the fashion designer has confessed that he is not the biggest fan of sneakers and has no idea how he designed them. Undoubtedly, every collaboration he has done has turned out to be a hit.  

Ever since Owens started developing his line of sneakers, he had a cult following. He likes to think outside of the box to create things never seen before. Moreover, everything he does portrays his character and liking. For, say, one of the most popular collabs, the Ramones, is inspired by his favorite band. The playing band was a fan of the Converse x Chuck Taylor.

Rick Owens x Converse Chuck 70 TRBODRK

The first collab in the Converse series was the popular Chuck’70, which came in high and low top variants. It allowed the designer to express himself as thoroughly as with the Ramones.

Its infamous durable canvas upper allowed optimal breathing and comfort. It features a triple-toe cap and a double sole. The sole permitted your steps to feel airy and took all the impacts.

In addition, it had the collab branding on both the tongue and heel. It was a subtle way of telling people what shoes the users wore. 

Rick Owens x Converse Weapon CX TURBOWPN

The second collaboration with Converse was the CX Turbowpn. With the birth of this shoe, Owens turned the snub nose original Chuck into a more approachable sneaker.

It allowed the shoe to gain maximum popularity, as people could wear them daily. However, the boots got bulky, as much as his sneakers. The Turbopwn has a tall and dark design, making it the perfect shoe for rebels and skate lovers. 

The DRKSHDW branding is on the super tall tongue seen in all the Owens x Chuck Taylor shoes. 

Rick Owens x Converse Chuck Taylor DRKSTAR

The DRKSTAR was one of the top shoes in the collaboration because of its simplicity and similarity to other shoes. It combines all the sneakers the iconic fashion designer has made himself.

Like all the other shoes in the series, it had a tall tongue with a chunky sole. Although the shoe is a low top, it can protect your ankle and support your steps. The color scheme is the iconic monochrome of Converse with the branding of both brands. 

adidas x Rick Owens

The highest-selling shoe collab for Owens has to be with adidas. He worked with the brand for several years and had the liberty to make his line of shoes. Even so, today, shoe lovers can find prints of Rick Owens in the new addition of adidas shoes. 

The collab lasted from 2013 to 2017, giving people more affordable shoe options. It gave birth to iconic shoes like the Runner, Tech Runner, Superstar Boot, etc. 

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