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New Balance 9060

New Balance may be known as the ultimate dad shoe brand, but they've created a practical lifestyle and athletic footwear since the early 1900s. Over these decades, New Balance has developed its distinctive aesthetic, offering ultra-comfy walking shoes and super stylish ones!

Walking shoes should provide comfort and support while alleviating foot pain and issues like plantar fasciitis. New Balance's walking shoes typically feature thick, cushioned midsoles that absorb impact and well-designed footbeds with arch support (although some models are more minimal). With their diverse customer base of dads and fashion icons alike, New Balance shoes could be worth a try for anyone who enjoys walking.

New Balance 9060 Truffle

The 9060 is an advancement of New Balance's legendary 99X series — merging well-known elements from the iconic 99X silhouettes with a modern look inspired by the so-called Y2K era. The familiar bars from the 990 are made even more prominent on the upper to give a certain sense of motion.

Simultaneously, the proportions have been made much bulkier and a pod midsole underlines the usage of cushioning technologies like ABZORB, SBS, and ENCAP, which have become iconic key features over time. 

New Balance 90/60 Workwear

If you're a fan of New Balance sneakers, then the 90/60 'Workwear' collection is a must-have. These shoes provide style and functionality in equal measures - ideal for anyone who wants to look good while staying comfortable and supported throughout their day. Crafted with high-quality materials designed to last, you can wear these shoes for years without fear of breaking down.

One of the key benefits of the 90/60 'Workwear' collection is its comfortable, supportive fit. Style-wise, the 90/60 'Workwear' collection offers versatility and ease of wear. Shoes come in an array of colours and styles so that you can find a pair to complement your taste. Whether you prefer classic black sneakers or something more daring and eye-catching, there's something here for everyone in this versatile collection.

New Balance U9060 Grey

New Balance's lifestyle trainers have become some of the most sought-after footwear lately. The 9060 model that Chicagoan designer Joe Robinson Freshgoods first released through his label has also started to appear in classic colorways. The New Balance 9060 Classic Grey is the newest edition to join this Boston brand's lineup

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