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Air Jordan 3
So white, black, red and blue are among the absolute classic colours on the Nike Air Jordan 3. But of course it hasn't remained with this sparse selection over the last 30 years. All the nicer that it is regularly equipped with damn sexy releases and can thus polarise people again and again. You couldn't imagine the scene without this unique model. What would the community be without the unmistakable elephant print on the upper of the shoe?

Nike Air Jordan 3 - a shoe full of history

The Jordan models are definitely known for their extensive background stories. It's always fun to find out how each of these unique shoes came to be.

The Nike Air Jordan 3 was created in the wake of the legendary Michael Jordan's great performance from 1987-1988, during which time he won just about everything he could have achieved as an individual player. The one-time slam dunk contest, All Star MVP, best defensive player of the year and many more. Fittingly, his infamous Nike Air Jordan 3s accompanied him throughout these achievements, and with all the trophies in the bag, a lot of attention naturally rubbed off on his shoes. This gave the AJ3 the popularity it needed to manifest itself in the sneaker scene forever.

Who designed the Air Jordan 3?

After many years of involvement with Peter Moore and Bruce Kilgore, who by the way designed the Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 2, they eventually left and left the label with the swoosh. Both of them also tried to convince Michael Jordan to leave Nike. But how damn glad we are that they didn't make it! Nevertheless, the famous brand needed a competent designer again at some point, which is why Tinker Hatfield ended up on Team Nike. Yes, you heard right! THE Tinker Hatfield, who is also responsible for the famous Visible Air Sole. After he was hired, he not only created the AJ3 in close cooperation with Jordan, but also the following models were under his responsibility. It's no wonder why Air Jordans look so damn sexy.

But let's go back to the third model in the series. Because it seemed that MJ and Hatfield were already in perfect harmony with each other on their first project together. They worked hard, talking about sensible ideas and what would ultimately work well on the sneaker. Michael really wanted a lightweight shoe that could also have good durability. Accordingly, they both finally agreed on a mid-top model, which would become the first of the Air Jordan series. This proved to be a sensible compromise between stability and lightness for both MJ and Hatfield.

Especially in the further design decisions, many of Tinker's famous elements were integrated into the shoe. For example, he placed the infamous Jumpman logo on the back of the sneaker and equipped it with the unmistakable Elephant print. Anyone who knows a bit about the history of Nike will know what a very special design element Mr Hatfield brought to the company. It is, of course, the Visible Air Sole, which revolutionised all sneakers from Nike. Accordingly, it is hardly surprising that he also incorporated it into the Nike Air Jordan 3. The latter benefited from the sole's unique cushioning qualities, not to mention its sexy look.

If you were to ask Tinker Hatfield today what the decisive inspirations of the AJ3 were, he would name three elementary and yet very obvious things. The legendary free throw line dunk, an elephant and how could it be otherwise, Michael Jordan himself. We would say the combination of these three things has more than succeeded and he has definitely created a unique sneaker. We might use the term "original" a bit often in the context of shoes, but the Nike Air Jordan 3 can definitely be called one!

In the course of the sneaker's thirtieth anniversary, the Nike Air Jordan 3 NRG Tinker was released for the first time in February 2018, but is getting a big restock right at the end of March 2018. This one celebrates the long anniversary and presents one of Hatfield's first designs. And he does it in a damn chic way, so make sure to check him out!

How much is the Nike Air Jordan 3?

A legendary sneaker that has been loved by athletes and collectors for decades, the Nike Air Jordan 3 has stood the test of time. However, with inflation and rising production costs, the price of this iconic shoe has also risen. Currently, the Nike Air Jordan 3 costs around €210. Some high-profile collaborations sometimes start at an even higher price. Nevertheless, sneaker fans continue to eagerly buy this famous pair of shoes as they recognise the value of its high-quality construction and storied history.

Popular Air Jordan 3 versions

Few shoes are as popular with collectors as the Air Jordan 3, but which are the most popular of the numerous versions that have been released over the years? Two standout colourways that consistently top the charts are the iconic "White Cement" and "Black Cement" versions. With their clean, classic design and quality craftsmanship, it's no wonder these shoes are so popular with fans.

Air Jordan 3 Collaborations

The Air Jordan 3 has been a cult favourite sneaker since its introduction in 1988. In recent years, the brand has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music and fashion to create unique designs of the sneaker. J Balvin's version of the Air Jordan 3 is a vibrant and playful take on the sneaker with bright neon colours. DJ Khaled's Jordan 3 features luxurious details like tumbled leather. And when Atmos collaborated with Air Jordan 3, they created shoes inspired by the classic Air Max 1 "Safari". These collaborations have breathed new life into the already iconic sneaker, delighting sneaker fans around the world.
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