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The Air Jordan 13 - what's behind the "Black Cat"?

What does the Nike Air Jordan 13 have in common with a panther? At first glance, maybe not so much, but there is something behind it. Before the Air Jordan 13 was designed, there was no meeting between Michael Jordan and Tinker Hatfield.

The sneaker should create what is really important for MJ on the court. And what is the best way to do that? By watching the player play and paying attention to how his moves work and how he moves. Between 1997 and 1998, seven different models of the Air Jordan 13 were introduced.

History of the sneaker

So Tinker had an idea and he wanted to make it happen. He watched Michael play a few games and there was something that stood out to him. To him, MJ moved like a panther and Hatfield could see more similarities here.

Later the two met and Hatfield told of his observations. Here Tinker learned that Michael had the nickname "Black Cat" among his friends. Coincidence? Probably not ;-). So Michael could not only move like a black panther and read his opponent, but was also known by his friends as the black cat. When the shoe was launched in 1997, it was simply celebrated.

Later, the Air Jordan 13 returned as a retro model and is better received by sneakerheads and Michael Jordan fans than ever. Various high-top and low-top models were released, for women and for men. In the meantime, more and more retro models came onto the market, which are still very popular.

Not many people know what's behind the Air Jordan 13. It is one of those rare jewels that are often overshadowed. But the AJ is one such sneaker that is definitely worth celebrating.

The most important features of the Air Jordan 13

The Air Jordan 13 Retro is not only a real insider tip for fans because of its eye-catching design and the attractive material combination of leather and suede, but also offers optimum wearing comfort and performance. Of course, the sole of the Air Jordan 13 is particularly noteworthy. A very special sole that is one of the most unique in the Air Jordan line. Have you had the chance to see the inside of the sole? If not, it's high time you did, because you can see a great resemblance to a panther's paw.

The sole of the Air Jordan 13 has been specially designed for stability and traction, making it perfect for the next game. Inside, the wearer feels the well-known Nike Air technology, which promises an energetic feeling. The holographic Jumpman logo on the heel, representing the "Panther's Eye", gives the shoe a futuristic touch and is a characteristic feature of the model. No wonder the Air Jordan 13 broke the record for the most expensive Air Jordan ever sold at auction.

Conclusion on the sneaker

The Nike Air Jordan 13 can definitely be celebrated. Many don't know what's behind the sneaker, nor how much Hatfield put into making this shoe efficient. It embodies how Michael Jordan is seen and what achievements he can deliver. If you don't have an Air Jordan 13 on your shelf, you should definitely get one. For sure.

Most expensive Air Jordan: Air Jordan 13 breaks auction record

The most expensive pair of trainers ever sold at auction! For the unbelievable price of 2.2 million US dollars, Sotheby's auctioned off the pair of Air Jordan 13s worn by Michael Jordan during the 1998 NBA Finals in April 2023. You probably know this pair from the award-winning documentary "The Last Dance". What makes this particular pair even more valuable is the fact that it was Jordan's last year with the Chicago Bulls and he gave it to a ball boy after the game after signing each pair. It's no surprise that Jordan's trainers are highly coveted and this pair is truly unique as they are the only trainers MJ wore during the Finals series. I mean, if you're going to spend that kind of money on a pair of trainers, they should be unique and complete, right? This is definitely a milestone in auction history!

Popular Nike Air Jordan 13

By 2023, Nike will have released countless Air Jordan 13 colourways, but few are as memorable as these popular models. One of the most coveted colourways is the classic Air Jordan 13 "Bred", which echoes the colour concept of the first signature sneaker. Black and red alternate on the high sneaker and remind us of Michael's glorious time with the Chicago Bulls. In second place comes the ever-popular Air Jordan 13 "Flint". Its simple and straightforward colour scheme has already brought the sneaker several re-releases. Most recently in 2020, the "Flint" colourway features a grey upper and blue accents. But how can you talk about the Air Jordan 13 without mentioning the "He Got Game"? This legendary sneaker is inspired by the Spike Lee film of the same name and has a black and white upper with red accents. This colourway has also appeared more frequently in recent years, with not only sneakerheads buying the Air Jordan 13 "He Got Game", but also film fans. In fourth place of the most popular Air Jordan 13 Retro sneakers we find the Air Jordan 13 "Altitude". It has an eye-catching colourway as it combines a black upper with green details. This wild look is a real eye-catcher. And last but not least, the clean Air Jordan 13 "Grey Toe". This pair looks very fresh thanks to the white upper, while the red sole and grey toe boxes attract the full attention.
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