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With the Air Jordan 32, the designers were pushed to their limits without losing the special reference to the legendary shoe series. A fundamental core aspect in the development of the AJs has been the balance between innovation and style for more than 30 years. The unique Air Jordan 2 already demonstrated this by boasting a filigree look while at the same time incorporating an advanced sole. The Air Jordan 4 also continued this tradition. Its lightweight nubuck leather elements and mesh were definitely eye-catchers, but first and foremost they significantly enhanced the performance of the shoe. This unique philosophy continues throughout the entire line up to the Air Jordan 32, which represents the pinnacle of the combination of technology and aesthetics to date. To stay up to date, subscribe to our newsletter or download our free Grailify App!

Air Jordan 32 - Technological Masterpiece

The Air Jordan 32 was designed to combine a sexy silhouette with many high-performance elements. For example, they tried to make the laces disappear inconspicuously in the knit structure, but at the same time hide a whole lacing system inside, which is supposed to guarantee a bombproof fit on the wearer's foot.

But what exactly is this new upper all about? Let's find out! At first glance, the label with the swoosh uses the not-so-new Flyknit on the upper of their latest sneaker. But this time the Air Jordan 32 has been equipped with very tensile yarn, which is the main component of the Flyknit. By reducing rigidity in the front of the shoe, the AJ32 is more flexible than any of its predecessors. It also significantly modernises the moccasin-like box for the toes, which was already present in the Air Jordan 2. The very technological focus of the upper is balanced out by classic applications on the back of the model. Of course, the Air Jordan 32 also features suede elements, which underline the high quality of this unique sneaker.

The inclusion of top stars has always been the recipe for success of the legendary Air Jordan series. Every little detail is taken into account to really create a high-performance shoe for the court. A perfect fit, an aesthetic shape and high functionality play an essential role. Even 30 years ago, this concept was followed, which ultimately resulted in an innovative and chic sneaker year after year. The goal of the Air Jordan 32 was to combine the essence of the AJ2 with the best possible technology today. They wanted to create an outstanding design that stands out both on and off the court.

Air Jordan 32 - Only the Best for the Basketball Court

The legendary Air Jordan series is also of great importance to the world-famous Russell Westbrook. In his opinion, Nike has always produced one of his absolute favourite shoes with the AJs. For him, there is hardly a better combination of performance and aesthetics, which can support him so outstandingly in his style of play. The lifestyle that this shoe expresses has, according to him, become ingrained in him as a player as well as a person.

Designer Tate Kuerbis captures the spirit of previous Air Jordan models perfectly and manages to implement it inconspicuously in the AJ32. He himself calls it one of the best basketball shoes ever made by Nike. The unique mix of the large Nike Zoom Air Bag on the forefoot, the flight plate and the Zoom on the heel make the shoe damn responsive and literally give every athlete wings. Everything is kept in typical Air Jordan style!

The so-called "Air Bag" is strongly based on the Air Jordan 28, whereby the transition on the sole is kept much smoother. This ensures maximum contact with the court and therefore a feeling of full control. In addition, this modified sole is equipped with a herringbone pattern to ensure optimal traction.

We personally like the development of the Air Jordan! The shoe continues to maintain the spirit of the legendary shoe series, but at the same time implements the latest technologies. If even MVP Russell Westbrook couldn't imagine life without the Air Jordan 32, how can our beloved sneaker community?

How the AJ32 fits

The Air Jordan 32 is known for its great fit and comfortable feel. Most buyers find that it fits true to size, which means that you can usually choose the same size you wear with other sneakers. However, the fit can vary depending on individual foot type and preferences. Some users find the shoe to be a little tight in the toe area, especially for wider feet, while others have no problems with the fit. Users also state that the Air Jordan 32 can have a short break-in period as the material moulds to the foot and stretches a little. Therefore, if you are wavering between sizes or are unsure, it may be a good idea to go up half a size to ensure a more comfortable fit.
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