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CLOT's highly anticipated collaborations with Nike, Jordan and Converse Shoes sent the sneaker world into a frenzy. This unprecedented trifecta of shoe brands paved the way for a collection of stylish sneakers, unlike anything the market had seen before. 

From hybrid kicks to radical designs to bold color schemes, these shoes combined the iconic style of CLOT with these partners unmistakable styles. Whether you were hitting the streets or hitting up a party, CLOT's range of sneakers made sure that your feet had never looked so good! 

Take a look below at the most iconic model of shoes: 

CLOT x Converse Chuck 70 High 

Walking in the CLOT x Converse Chuck 70 High is like a waking dream. Blending timeless street style with revolutionary modern design, the starkly contrasting black and white colorway represents sophistication and style. 

The high-top silhouette seamlessly wraps around your feet for an unparalleled fit and look. Whether paired with jeans, joggers, or shorts, these iconic shoes will take your outfit to new heights while giving off a feeling of everyday luxury. 

With its unique feel, this classic sneaker is sure to become a staple in any wardrobe. 

CLOT x Jordan Delta 2 

The CLOT x Jordan Delta 2 in this clean and classic colorway of White, French Blue, University Blue, and Flint Gray are sure to make a statement. Crafted with intricate details from the leather overlays and signature pattern stitched on the forefoot, these designer shoes truly blend streetwear and comfort together seamlessly.

They boast an EVA midsole for superior cushioning, creating long-lasting comfort for all-day wear. Additionally, the molded heel piece guarantees optimal support so your feet will stay in place as you effortlessly flaunt your sense of style. With such a chic yet subtle look, these shoes have it all. 

CLOT x Nike Cortez Bruce Lee 

The new CLOT x Nike Cortez Bruce Lee colourway is a subtle homage to the martial arts master himself. The minimalist black and varsity maize base gives off an air of effortless elegance that Bruce Lee was known for, while the bright yellow accents represent his impeccable strength and vitality. 

This unique color combination transcends culture and time and is sure to turn heads whether you're attending class or hitting the gym. A winning combination of style, function, and timelessness, the CLOT x Nike Cortez Bruce Lee colorway is sure to be a treasured classic in any wardrobe! 

In a Nutshell 

The CLOT collaborations with Nike, Converse and Jordan were truly a case of creative alchemy! Thanks to this extraordinary union, the perfect fusion of streetwise style and luxury comfort have been married into the most amazing footwear. 

Rest assured that the impressively crafted shoes will bring you unfettered chic while containing game-changing levels of comfort technology. These collaborations have created something unexpected yet thoroughly welcomed - a must-have combination of fashion and function, enabling everyone to strut their stuff!
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