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adidas NMD | The Traveler's Shoe

The adidas NMD gets its name from the word Nomad. It means someone who likes to wander or travel, and it perfectly explains the shoe's purpose. With its easy slip-on design, the shoe is best for someone ready to walk out every time.

The shoes have a series of versions and improve every time a new model is released. It gets inspiration from all the leading shoes and presents them in a comfortable price bracket.

Urban Explorer Design

When it comes to sneakers, retro designs always stay in style. The shoes are a try at combining the latest technology with old-school aesthetics. It has iconic stripes on the side with a mesh design all over the shoe. Moreover, they are very easy to break in. They don't hurt and grip all kinds of feet.

The EVA foam plugs are not just for design, they serve a deeper purpose than you think. It forms a U-shape for a more supportive heel. Thus, the stabilising cup makes it more comfortable to walk around.

Moreover, it uses no insole and lets users feel the Boost foam underneath. It increases the step in comfort and allows more room for your feet to relax. Users can add an insole according to their needs. 


The adidas NMD are not running shoes but rather everyday wearable sneakers. Still, they provide relief to your feet. Depending on your chosen variant, the outsole may vary between gum or carbon.

As a lifestyle sneaker, the grip is okayish on all surfaces. We wouldn't recommend wearing it to court. Continental rubber could have been a better shoe option, as it is available in cheaper shoes.

The laces on these shoes are more of a style gimmick rather than providing any utility. Most consumers use it as a slip-on shoe. Even if you tie them tight, it will only crease your lovely shoe.


  • Comfortable as Slip On Shoes
  • Very Easy to Break In
  • Lightweight and Colourful
  • Optimal Air Flow
  • Throwback Design

Final Thoughts

The shoes are great for all restless souls; their comfy slip-on design makes them best for travelling. It doesn't require any break in time and can be enjoyed right outside the box. The adidas NMD is a product of retro styling combined with the latest technology.

Nonetheless, adidas only markets them as fashion sneakers, not sports sneakers. So, hitting the gym in these shoes is not the best choice.

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