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Overall, the adidas New York is a smart choice for sneaker lovers who prefer an understated design and want to wear underrated, often less hyped, vintage sneakers. Offered at an affordable price, this sneaker still has a luxurious style for a retro sneaker that anyone can afford.

adidas New York Material and Look

The adidas New York has a premium mesh and nubuck upper. These features give the shoe a luxurious feel.

The text "New York" is printed directly on the back stripe of the 3-stripe emblem on the side of the sneaker. This design differs from previous versions where the text was printed on the heel.

Another notable feature is the midsole, which is completely wrapped in a mesh. This feature is called the Dellinger Web. It provides cushioning and gives the adidas New York a classy look and feel.

adidas New York - Technology Used

The adidas New York sneaker has a well-cushioned upper and a padded toe that increases comfort, secures the foot and supports the ankles. The Vintage Running Sneaker has an EVA insole with Ortholite technology to prevent odour build-up and for enhanced support.

The adidas New York has a lacing system for a custom fit. The laces are looped around TPU D-ring eyelets for both aesthetic and support. It features a well-defined heel counter to make putting the sneaker on easier.

adidas New York and its History

In the 1980s, adidas named shoe models after some of the major European cities such as London, Hamburg, Dublin, Brussels and Copenhagen. These shoes became the best casual models of all time. adidas also named shoe models after the following North American cities: Boston Super, Toronto, Dallas and New York.

The adidas New York was first released in 1983 as part of the Marathon series. The New York was rarely seen on the streets in the 80s. It did not reach the popularity of the other adidas running shoes like the LA Trainer and Oregon.

As part of the famous marathon series, running shoes like the adidas New York were named after cities where long-distance races like the New York or Boston Marathon were held. These models became the best running models in the 1980s, but their popularity slowly declined when more advanced running shoes were released by adidas.

adidas had no trouble finding a good reason why they named this pair New York. Besides being home to the most important cultural centres in the US and being called the financial centre of the world, New York is also home to one of the most famous marathons in the world, the annual New York City Marathon.

adidas New York and the Opinions from the Internet

Buyers can purchase the adidas New York at an affordable price. The majority of customers find the sneaker comfortable. In addition, the stylish design is often praised. Compared to the previous version, this model is slimmer, which makes it more aesthetically pleasing, but can be problematic for a wider foot.

The serrated rubber outsole with tread pattern gives a good grip, according to some testers. The adidas New York is praised for its simple design and functional midsole. Thanks to the mesh material on the forefoot area and the side overlays, the Vintage Runner model is well ventilated.

adidas New York and a Final Word

The adidas New York is a perfect everyday companion with its timeless 80s style and state-of-the-art technology made from high-quality materials. It is inspired by New York City features and adds an urban touch. A "must have" for sneaker lovers of not too much frills.

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