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If you take a closer look at the previous models from adidas, you will immediately notice something that all sneakers have in common. The label with the Three Stripes is now repeatedly resorting to daring designs and trying to shake up the sneaker game to cause controversy.

The Prophere and the Deerupt are probably the most prominent examples in this respect. The adidas Nite Jogger again opts for a rather unconventional design, but this time, the focus is on a completely different aspect. The adidas Nite Jogger appeals to the night owls among us who enjoy cool nighttime jogging. The reflective elements are supposed to give the shoe a unique look, especially in the dark evening hours. With sneakers like these, drivers will definitely not overlook you, but on the contrary, catch a glimpse of your feet several times. 😉

adidas Nite Jogger - Cloak and Dagger Operation

As you already know, the Nite Jogger was revealed in a rather unusual way. The sneaker made its debut in late 2018 with the help of a cloak and dagger operation. What does that mean? Selected individuals around the globe were sent a pair of the adidas Nite Jogger in a black colourway. These people were then asked to work a night shift and photograph the shoe in its "natural" environment. So, sneaker fans around the world woke up the next morning and were introduced to the brand new silhouette in their Instagram feeds. The adidas Nite Jogger thus literally became a superstar overnight.

adidas Nite Jogger - A Pinch of Retro

As we have come to expect from the label with the Three Stripes, the Nite Jogger naturally also boasts of a unique look. The model is typically inspired by older sneakers from adidas and incorporates their elements into a modern design. The so-called Vistech upper provides a real retro flair, which is rounded off by a Boost midsole. The attached reflective elements add appealing accents and make the sneaker look really special. The exciting thing? The Nite Jogger can really look completely different in the dark. A photo taken at night with a bright flash can make it look like a completely different shoe. Don't think so? Then you should definitely check out the comparison photos for yourself!

adidas Nite Jogger - From Zero to a Hundred

After the rather unusual reveal of the Nite Jogger, sneaker fans didn't have to wait too long for an official release. Back in January 2019, adidas invited influencers and sneakerheads to a special event in South London, where "regular" people also finally got access to the new model. In keeping with the offbeat aesthetic, the Nite Jogger was presented in an abandoned garage. Equipped with countless tools and petrol pumps, the location was strongly reminiscent of a 24/7 petrol station, which is known to be frequented by one or the other nocturnal person. Shortly after this unusual presentation for the press, the Nite Jogger finally landed at the usual retail stores.

At this point, sneaker fans all over the world were already crazy about the brand new silhouette. But it was not to stop there! After the extremely successful launch of the model, many more colourways were announced, which logically created even more hype in the scene. One thing we can say for sure is this: The adidas Nite Jogger will not disappear from the scene anytime soon!

adidas Nite Jogger - Hot Releases

As usual, we would like to present the hottest release of the Nite Jogger. The Nite Jogger now comes in a variety of colourways and will probably bring out some sexy designs in the future. To make sure you don't miss out on these releases, subscribe to our Grailify newsletter or download our Grailify app directly onto your smartphone. This way, you will definitely stay up to date and never miss a release again!
  • The size? x adidas Nite Jogger Road Safety is probably not the most beautiful colourway. However, this is the very first exclusive collab, and the release lays the foundation for many more collaborations. By the way, the extremely bright colours will make you even more visible to outsiders. 😉
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