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The latest edition of 3D printed sole footwear, the adidas Ultra 4D, stands out as the king in modern technology. It has a 3D printed sole comprising 17 years of running experience with 4000 runners.

Every step in the shoe feels like innovation and modern technology. The cushioning makes you feel like you are running in the air. It provides the necessary support and protects your ankles from any injury.

Keep reading as we discuss the technological advancements of the shoe, its design and whether it is worth your money.

Design Philosophy

Whenever someone thinks of the future, they picture flying cars with weird shapes or shoes that can help them pass. However, the coming age is simple, just like the style of adidas Ultra 4D. It has some of the sickest designs while being low-key. The shoe takes some inspiration from both Ultraboost and widely acclaimed 4D technology.

It features a breathable fabric material on the top that can get in various colour schemes. The softer heel landing and support for the foot arch make the shoe your go-to choice. However, the one area where it needs to improve is its weight. Due to its unique technology, users might feel that the shoe is slightly heavier compared to Ultra boost, the OG running shoe.


When someone thinks of 4D-printed sole, they think of them as a threat to our environment. However, it is different with Ultra 4D. It uses Primegreen technology, a form of high-grade recycled materials. 

In addition, the newer models of the Ultra 4D even use Prime blue technology. It means the fabric of the shoe comprises Parley Ocean Plastic. All this recycling helps adidas cut costs for the shoe.

4D vs Boost

Ultraboost has to be one of the highest selling points of adidas, and the technology makes shoes lighter and bouncy on every step. The Ultra 4D was initially a step ahead on that side, but things could have worked out better.

The shoe is slightly heavier than the Ultraboost, readily making it less desirable than Ultraboost. It has firmer cushioning technology called Futurecraft 4D. As for the branding, the Ultra 4D has its name on the sides. At the very spot where Ultraboost branding is on other shoes.

Reasons to Buy

  • Comfortable and Airy
  • Premium Materials
  • Eco Friendly
  • Versatile Color Options

Wrapping it Up

For someone who likes to stay ahead of the game, the adidas Ultra 4D is a must. It is the peak of human engineering with years of technical data. The shoe is comfortable, airy, stylish and everything a shoe lover wants.

Collaborative adidas Ultra 4D

SNS x adidas Ultra 4D "Green Teatime": Sneakersnstuff and adidas have teamed up in December 2020 to bring us the ultimate futuristic sneaker and end this crazy year with a highlight. The SNS x adidas Ultra 4D "Green Teatime" features the world's first high-performance midsole made from light and oxygen. Not to mention the beautiful green colour that puts us in the right mood. This colourway is the follow-up to the 2016 SNS Ultra Boost "Tee Time" release. When it comes to sneakers, there is always a lot of discussion about whether retro models or futuristic designs are better. But with the SNS x adidas Ultra 4D "Green Teatime" we don't have to worry about that, because it combines the best of both worlds. The adidas Primeknit technology gives the shoe an exceptional lightness, while the tonal matcha green gives the Ultra 4D a modern touch.

Marvel x adidas Ultra 4D "Black Panther 2": Ahead of the highly anticipated world premiere of Wakanda Forever on November 11, 2022, the epic Marvel franchise has teamed up with adidas to launch a full performance footwear collection inspired by the Black Panther armour. The vibranium armour was previously featured on Pat Mahome's adidas IMPACT FLX and later appeared on other models such as the Marvel x adidas Ultra 4D "Black Panther 2". The Primeknit upper and mesh lining are in amazing black, grey and purple, while metallic gold in a matte finish snakes across the stripes of the shoe. The midfoot cage pattern is the same as the Wakanda armour, while a spiky collar appears on the outer layer above the toe box. The 4D cushioning sole is made of dark grey translucent material, while a purple Continental rubber sole provides ample traction for all movements. The shoe was launched on 30 September 2022.

Solebox x adidas Consortium Ultra 4D: Over the past decade, Berlin-based Solebox has consistently launched exciting adidas collaborations - including the Uncaged UltraBOOST from 2016. In March 2023, the two German institutions celebrated the avant-garde design with a new collection. The result is the Solebox x adidas Consortium Ultra 4D. The adidas Ultra 4D does away with the 3-stripe cage to make room for the store's name on the side heel. The shoe also has a glow-in-the-dark sole, which is a bold design approach.
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