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adidas 4D Fusio

With a 3D-printed adidas 4D midsole and an innovative lacing system, the adidas 4D Fusio won't keep you out of fashion and comfort. It exhibits a strong sense of style, bursting with trendy aesthetics that will upgrade your everyday casual attire. Additionally, it offers airy strides due to the well-ventilated features that wrap around the upper and underfoot. So much comfort it is!

What makes it so unique?

Digital Light Synthesis, an innovative manufacturing technique invented by Silicon Valley tech company Carbon, is at the core of this development. Carbon DLS, which uses light and oxygen to design distinctive products, is an excellent fit for 4D's goal of pushing the boundaries of what is possible and transforming the way running shoes are made.
To make 4D a reality, adidas and Carbon started a strategic partnership in 2017. It represents a brave move in sneaker design, paving the way to improve the design and production quality. Since then, 4D has upgraded modern and classic adidas footwear, including the adidas Ultraboost, ZX, Fusio, and AlphaEDGE. 

Futuristic Aesthetics

These everyday sneakers combine futuristic style with coziness, making them ideal for anyone who values comfort or is just a sneakerhead. Their digitally printed adidas midsole is designed for controlled energy return to help you feel your best and get through each day full of energy. Go to the gym. Step out onto the sidewalk. The adidas 4D Fusio sneakers are your go-to for active days and casual comfort.

To match your favorite style, adidas 4D Fusio comes in various colors, including orange, green, black, grey, blue, or silver. You can also go with timeless black or white, which looks great with anything. The adidas 4D Fusio running shoes are available at in the color of your choice. With the cutting-edge comfort of the 4D midsole, up your game with every day sneakers. 

Looking for a sneaker that provides both style and comfort? Take advantage of this perfect pair of adidas 4D Fuiso.

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