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adidas Futurecraft 4D | The Future of Footwear

With the birth of te adidas Futurecraft 4D, the brand has taken things to the next level. This shoe is not just a running but also a lifestyle sneaker. 

The shoe has some of the best breathability regarding its design. It makes the shoe a complete package for everyone who loves innovation and comfort. Also, these shoes are becoming more and more affordable.


The shoe's low-top silhouette design is why people like it. No matter what you wear, it will look good on your feet. As for the sole, it has helped increase the shoe's popularity. The prices have come down thanks to the upscaled production of 3D-printed soles. In the beginning, this shoe was considered a toy for the rich. Now, it is made affordable for a larger audience. 

In addition, adidas has made sure that the shoe is ready for all kinds of scruffs and scrapes. If you get the white colour, it may catch dirt very quickly. Nonetheless, the shoe is easy to clean with a washing machine or hand wash.

The one thing that could have been better is the overall fitting of the shoe. It may feel tight to some users.

Future vs Past

With the birth of 3D-printed soles, people had high hopes for the shoe and for the technology. However, it may have lived to a different level of hype. Many consumers believe that innovation is slowly moving into a waste of money.

Undoubtedly, the sober look of the shoe makes it timeless and decent, unlike other technological gadgets, where the product is too flashy to ignore, in times like today, where every footwear attracts eyes and wants to stand out. Having a shoe that sobers down your outfit and sets you apart from everyone is refreshing. 

The original plan of adidas was to make this shoe lineup the successor of Ultra Boost. However, it may fail in doing so. The one reason behind this is the hype or lack of it. It used to grab attention when it was released. In contrast, it is starting to get lost in the sea of footwear. Influencers still need to market this shoe as the next big thing. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Futuristic Design
  • Breathable Materials
  • Molds As The Shape of the Feet

Final Thoughts

The shoe is adidas’s step into the future. It has a style that is distinctive even from miles away. Moreover, the sole is not only for design gimmicks but can also provide traction and comfort to your ankle. 

The 3D printing of soles started in 2016, but some critical developments are still needed as future craft might feel too tight for many. Moreover, the shoe is relatively expensive compared to its competitors due to its exclusiveness.

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