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The ZX line from adidas has been around for many years, and it combines the advanced technology of today with the inspiring contemporary history of yesteryear. This ingenious combination has become the model for many silhouettes and embodies the fashionable aspects of Three Stripes. If you're looking for a trendy sneaker to show off on the streets, you can't go past the adidas ZX Sneaker.

The Spirit is deep in the roots of the ZX. Over the years, the adidas team has perfected every single shoe. Each pair features a superior cushioning that absorbs shock and the legendary Torsion System for complete freedom of movement from back to forefoot.

These optimized elements give the sneakers a big plus point. Sneakerheads celebrate the ultimate wearing comfort of the shoes. But what would a sneaker be without the right style and shape? Each silhouette radiates its own charm and has established itself in the sneaker market over time through its retro look and modernity.

The Technology of Today Meets the Design of Yesterday

The ZX line builds upon the old '80s and '90s, and the comeback certainly fits the current trend. Old dad shoes, a lush upper and the plump sole fill the streets of tomorrow and are right on trend. But who would want an old sneaker from yesterday without the futuristic technology of today? That's why adidas has created the perfect combination with the ZX line.

First and foremost, the old-fashioned style from the past that has shaped many silhouettes stands out completely. A bumpy design and wild material combinations are the hallmarks of the ZX line. Many editions have focused primarily on the lightweight mesh material. The fabric has hardly any weight and was used in many shoes at that time.

But the innovations of today's technologies and developments are clearly in the foreground with this shoe. Many adidas ZX sneakers are based on the comfortable Boost material in the midsole and the responsive EVA insert, which stands for the ultimate in comfort.

Which ZX shoes are available?

If you search for an adidas ZX shoe on the net, you will probably get some results. The vast amount of time that has passed through many decades could not probably be represented in one sneaker alone. Besides a simple adidas ZX 500 or ZX Torsion, there are also clean versions. If you are looking for a simple and classic shoe and can do without the many arbitrary inserts, you should definitely go for the adidas ZX Flux. The progressive and minimalist style is made up of a one-piece upper.

There are also other ZX sneakers that come directly from the '80s and '90s. In 1989, adidas released three silhouettes: the ZX 7000, 8000 and 9000 — each of which embodied a different characteristic. The ZX 7000 opened the creative doors with a superior style and exudes perhaps the best charm. If you want to enjoy comfortable cushioning, you have to wear the ZX 8000. Three Stripes researched the area of "cushioning" and used their know-how in the adidas ZX 8000, the latest being the ZX 9000, which focuses entirely on stability.

But not only old and casual silhouettes are returning to the streets, sporty running shoes are also inheriting a giant remake. We're talking about the adidas ZX 750 HD, which is the perfect blend of culture and technology. The retro tech style features a multi-piece upper and supports your feet with superbly soft cushioning.

But it was only this year that adidas built a new springboard. In 2020, a brand new ZX sneaker was released, which now raises the bar extremely high. The adidas ZX 2K 4D is the ultimate retro sneaker with a 4D sole. It has a 3D-printed cushioning made of light, oxygen and liquid resin. Add to this is the strong orange and red colour gradient that lacquers the lightweight Air mesh and a stylish heel clip that provides precise support in any lateral position.

What will the adidas ZX range offer in 2020?

In the first half of 2020, adidas has already released some ingenious colourways. Since the retro trend is still there and probably won't die out immediately, we will most likely see adidas' ZX sneakers for a long time to come. And that's perfectly okay too!

The shoes are a welcome change to the rest of the modern sneakers we have today. We like to celebrate the old and dusty style and wish for more similar sneakers. The adidas ZX 2K 4D is a nice change and offers a fresh breeze, but a new version with worn mesh inserts and antiqued EVA soles would simply be a lot cooler.

The Torsion System in the adidas ZX series

The Torsion System was a groundbreaking technology introduced by adidas in the ZX series that had a huge impact on the performance and comfort of running shoes. Today, fans still swear by adidas' innovative technology, but what are the key features of the Torsion System?
How the Torsion System works: the Torsion System consists of a plastic bridge or bar that is placed under the arch of the foot in the shoe, connecting the forefoot to the heel. This bridge allows independent movement of the forefoot and heel portions of the shoe, allowing the shoe to better adapt to the natural movements of the foot.
Purpose of the torsion system: the main purpose of the torsion system is to improve the stability and flexibility of the shoe. It helps to distribute the load evenly on the forefoot and heel and reduce the twisting of the shoe when walking. This allows for better arch support and more efficient energy transfer while running.

Advantages of the Torsion System

Better stability: the independent movement of the forefoot and heel allowed the shoe to better compensate for uneven terrain and protect the runner from injury.

Natural movement: The torsion system allowed the foot to roll more naturally, resulting in a smoother running experience.

Adaptability: Because the torsion system responded to different running movements and conditions, the shoe was more versatile and suitable for different runners.
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