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That's what "SL" stands for in the adidas SL 72: Super Light for optimum performance

"SL" in the name of the adidas SL 72 stands for "Super Light". This emphasises the focus on lightness and performance that the shoe offers. The adidas SL 72 was originally developed for the 1972 Olympic Games and was designed to optimally support athletes with its lightweight construction and innovative materials.

An outstanding feature of the SL 72 is the innovative technology used in its construction. The serrated rubber outsole provides excellent traction and grip on a variety of surfaces, making the shoe ideal for sporting activities and everyday use. The lightweight EVA midsole provides additional cushioning and comfort, allowing the wearer to be comfortable all day long.

The adidas SL 72 has a long history and was originally developed for the 1972 Olympic Games, where it was worn by many athletes. This secured it a permanent place in sporting history and made it a symbol of sporting excellence and innovation. The SL 72 was one of the first shoes to use a combination of nylon and suede, making it a pioneer in the sneaker industry.

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