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Michael Jeffrey Jordan moved from a successful high school sports career to the NBA with the Chicago Bulls in 1984. The Chicago Bulls were a rather mediocre team back then, but that quickly changed with the addition of Jordan to the team. Sports outfits were scrambling for the young talent — but only Nike was awarded the contract for the collaboration, which ultimately led to a real cult following.

It wasn't long before the Nike Air Jordan 1 was launched, followed just a year later by a model in the Chicago Bulls colours. "His Airness" became a permanent player in the team, who made a name for himself with his unique skills and personal style. The "Rookie of the Year" turned his love of sneakers into a scandal especially when the rules of the NBA prescribed a uniform team style. Violations were punished. But Jordan cared little about that. He still wore his own Air Jordans. Thus, in association with the manufacturer Nike, he was subsequently ordered to pay fines of 5,000 dollars each time he re-entered the court with his Nike Air Jordans. And he did it again and again with much pleasure and attitude.

Made to Fly - The Air Jordan 1

His stubbornness to keep wearing the same sneakers on the court plus his great skills as an exceptional player created the whole hype around the young basketball player. Nike also profited from this extraordinary combination, which then resulted in the release of a new model every season from 1987 onwards. The shoes originally designed by Peter Moore had been continuously developed further by other Nike designers (including Tinker Hatfield).

In the meantime, not only high-quality retro releases are available, but also stylish new models that have been added to the line with team members such as Blake Griffin or Carmelo Anthony. Jordan brand now offers a wide selection to take every sneaker heart by storm!

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