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Klekt - The Safest Way to Buy and Sell Genuine Sneakers

Klekt - The Safest Way to Buy and Sell Genuine Sneakers

First of all: We have not received any money for this post. This is a neutral article, because we get the question whether Klekt is legit and how the site works more and more frequently. Okay, let's go.

Every day we receive desperate messages from our readers that limited sneakers are no longer available and that they went home empty-handed at release. Obviously, we feel your pain. We have heard your calls for a trusted platform to buy and sell limited sneakers. Today, we show you another reseller platform besides StockX - namely Klekt.

Klekt is a great alternative to eBay or Facebook groups, as you can buy and sell limited sneakers that are already sold out. The advantage is that you can be sure that the sneaker is a guaranteed original. Unfortunately, the number of scammers has increased extremely in the last few years - especially for limited sneakers.

Huge Offer on Klekt

The offer on Klekt is really enormous. You will find every sneaker you have always wanted. It doesn't matter if you are looking for Yeezy, Air Jordan or Off-White sneakers. The price obviously varies between different models, but also between the sizes of the sneaker. Common sneaker sizes are usually more expensive. Unfortunately, this is simply because the demand for these sneakers is naturally much higher.

Presented by Klekt - How Does The Sneaker Resell Platform Work?

Presented by Klekt guarantees that you will actually receive limited sneakers and that they are genuine. Are you also tired of not being able to purchase limited sneakers via the normal way? Of course, with our Grailify app you have a better chance to get your desired pair, but that is no guarantee that you will actually receive the sneakers in the end. The masses of people in the stores are hardly reasonable nowadays and due to sneaker bots, shopping online is also more of a gamble. In order not to be cheated by private sellers and still being able to expand your sneaker collection, reseller platforms like Klekt are the only possibility for true sneakerheads.

The idea behind Presented by Klekt is very simple and ingenious. You can post your sneakers on the reseller platform and offer them for sale. The platform is a middleman. Therefore, Klekt is responsible for a secure transaction, whereby not only the monetary transaction is meant here, but also the actual transaction of the sneaker.

You have now offered your sneaker for sale at Klekt. Now, a buyer purchases the sneaker at the appointed price and pays the money to Klekt. Normally, you would have to send the sneaker to the buyer like it is the common practice on eBay, but here comes the crucial difference. You do not send the sneaker to the buyer, but to Klekt. Sneaker Reseller Klekt checks the sneakers for authenticity, quality and condition. Only when Klekt can confirm that the shoe is indeed genuine and the condition is perfect, the sneaker is forwarded to the buyer and the seller receives the money directly from Klekt.

Thus, Klekt is a middleman that stands for security during the transaction.

The process is the same if you are the buyer instead of the seller. We hope that this was clear.

Presented by Klekt obviously does not offer this service completely free of charge. Usually, a fee is added to the sneaker. Therefore, the sneakers are usually more expensive on Klekt than with private sellers on eBay. However, you can be sure that these are not fake sneakers. This will save you a lot of money and especially a lot of headaches.

Selling on Klekt

The most important information about selling on Klekt:

  1. You can be absolutely sure that you will receive your money.
  2. You pay no fees for the sale.
  3. You can determine the price yourself.
  4. You can easily put multiple sneakers up for sale at once.
  5. You pay no shipping costs.
  6. You automatically make your offer visible globally.
  7. You can only sell new (deadstock) sneakers.
You can determine the price completely on your own and you will get 100% of the money. There are no deductions or fees. We find that quite attractive. The buyer pays a 20% fee and a fixed amount of €10. These fees are added to the desired price. You should always keep this in mind when you put your sneakers up for sale. This means that you will not receive the payout that the buyer has paid.

You don't pay anything for shipping to Klekt either. Klekt will send you a special label, which you can use to send the sneakers to a warehouse.

Restrictions for Selling on Klekt

Of course there are also some rules on Klekt that should be followed. We have briefly summarised these for you.

  1. You are only allowed to offer as a private seller. Commercial sellers are currently still excluded.
  2. You can only sell if you come from one of these countries.
  3. You are only allowed to sell unworn and new sneakers. All extras (tags, laces, box) that were included in the purchase must be complete and undamaged.
  4. After a sale you have 24 hours to accept the sale.
  5. You must be able to ship the goods within 48 hours.
  6. You must put the original box with the sneakers into a second box and not just send them in a shoe box.

Buying Sneakers on Klekt

By now, we know how to sell sneakers on Klekt. Now, let's take a look at what we have to consider when we want to buy sneakers on Klekt. Let's start with the most important information.

  1. The sneakers are evaluated by professionals before they are sent to you. So you can always be sure that they are genuine.
  2. You will only receive new sneakers (deadstock).
  3. You can buy really exclusive and limited sneakers.
  4. Klekt is your middleman. So you can shop securely.
  5. You pay no import fees or taxes if your sneaker comes from abroad.
  6. You can also visit Klekt in the London store.
Although Klekt is more expensive than private platforms such as eBay or Facebook groups, it is also much safer. In simple terms, you pay a 20% fee and fixed costs of €10 for the service. However, these costs are no longer added to the price that is visible on the homepage. It is the final price, which will not change. It does not matter which sneaker you buy. Klekt settles everything internally and pays the seller.

A small example concerning the fees on Klekt:

If a sneaker is offered for €250, you pay €250. This also includes the fixed costs. The seller then receives €200. The rest goes to the platform. But Klekt is very open and transparent in that regard. The fees are immediately displayed on the buying page of the sneaker.

Klekt Shop in London

Yes, you can also go directly to a store and buy the sneakers there. The store you see down below is located in London. We have a little video for you to get a feeling for the shop.

Experiences with Klekt

Personally, we obviously always prefer a direct purchase in a store immediately at release. But that doesn't always work and most of the times you need a lot of luck for that. If you are not so lucky, you simply have to find other ways to cop the limited sneakers. Sneaker resell sites like "Presented by Klekt" are the best alternative. With them, you have a secure and trustworthy solution, but of course this has its price.

We have often used the service of Presented by Klekt and were always happy with the service, but so far we were only on the buyer's side. We have not yet sold anything on the platform. We rather like to give away our beloved limited sneakers to you. 😉

The support was always friendly and professional. The German company Klekt has been active for several years and has built up a certain reputation in the sneaker world.

We can therefore recommend Klekt with a clear conscience. Approved by Grailify.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Presented by Klekt

Can you return items to Klekt?

No, as only private sellers are putting sneakers up for sale, returns are excluded. Therefore, you should be sure about the size.

Can I track the shipment at Klekt?

Yes, every shipment has a tracking number.

How long does the delivery of a sneaker take?

From the warehouse to the customer it usually takes 2-5 business days. However, the time until the seller delivers the goods to Klekt must be taken into account. So it is not unusual that the delivery is about 6 to 12 days on the road.

How high are the shipping costs at Klekt?

That depends on where the sneakers are to be sent to. This is mainly due to the fact that the sneakers are not sent in the original box, but still get an outer box.

Which sneaker is shown on Klekt if there are several sellers?

That is actually very simple. The cheapest sneaker is always shown first and thus also sold. So if you want to sell quickly, then you should set a favourable price. But for buyers this also means that it is worthwhile to watch the prices over a certain period of time. But you always get the cheapest sneaker - you can be sure of that.

Do I need a PayPal account to sell on Klekt?

Yes, via PayPal you will receive the payment of the money afterwards. Therefore, a PayPal account is an absolute must.

Do I receive my money immediately after a sale on Klekt?

As soon as the buyer has paid, the money is immediately forwarded to the seller.

How does it work with the shipping to Klekt?

You receive a shipping label, which you can use to send the goods to Klekt. This is then also completely free of charge. You just have to make sure that the shoebox is put into another box to avoid possible damages. The shipment is always insured and is tracked by Klekt.

Which sneakers can I sell on Klekt?

Only new sneakers (deadstock) may be sold. Furthermore, the box and accessories must be complete.

You no longer have the sneaker. Can I cancel the order at Klekt?

Should you no longer be able to send the sneaker, either because the sneaker has already been sold or because the sneaker has been damaged, you can cancel the order within 24 hours after the sale.

What happens to fake sneakers at Klekt?

If Klekt finds out during the inspection that the sneaker is fake, the buyer will be refunded immediately. The seller will be charged a 10% penalty of the sales price. As soon as the penalty has been paid, the fake sneaker will be sent back to the seller and the account will be permanently blocked. That's the way it has to be!

What happens if the quality of the sneaker is not right?

Similar to the fake sneakers. The buyer gets the money back immediately and the seller has to pay a 10% penalty. The sneaker is then sent back to the seller.

What is Presented By?

Presented By is the sport business agency that has brought Klekt into being.

Is Klekt the only sneaker reseller platform?

No. There is still StockX for example.

Presented at Klekt or Presented by Klekt?


Kleckt, Kelkt, Klett, Klek, Klet or Klekt?


What alternatives are available to Klekt?

You can simply use our Grailify app. We will inform you about the latest releases, restocks and the hottest sneaker news. You couldn't get your limited kicks any cheaper. 😉

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