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The Air Jordan 5 debuted in 1990 and was originally released in 4 colourways. The shoe was inspired by a British fighter plane from World War II. The model stands out due to the reflective 3M tongue, the mesh elements on the sides and the tongue itself, but of course also due to the characteristic Lace Lock system. This allows for a better hold of the laces and thus a firm fit on the wearer's foot. As with the other Air Jordan models, a retro rework had not been left out. The Air Jordan 5 received this exactly at the turn of the millennium. Accordingly, the retro version of the AJ5 was the very first to arrive. In the following years, over 40 more releases were to follow, and the market was to be enriched with many chic designs. Many new as well as old colourways were used, and future mash-ups should also not be rare. Recently, the Air Jordan 5 has also come up trumps with low-top models and refreshingly turns the typical shape of the shoe upside down. The AJ5 has a long history behind it, and who would have thought that it all started with a tactical aircraft? 

The Design of the Air Jordan 5

Tinker Hatfield is the main man responsible for the design of the shoe. To some of you old timers, that name may mean something. He made it possible for Marty MacFly to wear such damn fancy shoes in Back to the Future. In the past, self-lacing shoes were only a vision, but nowadays, Nike has finally managed to realise this "dream". Mr. Hatfield must have been quite a design genius if he was already able to design shoes for the future back then. And he also proved this artistic ability with the Air Jordan 5. That's why some elements could be found in the AJ5. The shoe was specially equipped with a transparent rubber sole to allow a certain amount of light to pass through. This then mimicked the luminous elements from the well-known film. Another unique feature of the model was the previously unique foam modules inside the upper shoe. These were supposed to offer unprecedented comfort and allow the Air Jordan to blend in with the foot in an almost inconspicuous way. And let's not forget the model's signature flames on the sides. This distinctive element was also where the history of the aircraft comes from. Tinker Hatfield felt that Michael Jordan's style of play was comparable to a tactical aircraft. This significant feature should therefore also be expressed in the latest model of the Air Jordan 5. We are talking about the so-called Spitfire fighter planes, which feature exactly these flames. A lot of emphasis was placed on giving this shoe a unique touch and creating a recognisable feature that has surely lasted over the years. 

The Hottest Releases from the Early Past

As with every Air Jordan model, there are also some unique AJ5 sneakers that stand out due to their unique design and the corresponding resale prices. So that you don't have to go into these price ranges, you should download our free Grailify app and never miss sneaker releases again. But now, let's get to the hottest models of the AJ5...
  • The Air Jordan 5 OG Black Metallic was one of the brand's biggest releases in 2016, returning to the original design of the '90s and getting a lot of attention. It was what all Jordan fans had been waiting for for so long. The shoe impresses with its typical colour scheme of black, fire red, and silver metallic elements. The reflective 3M material on the tongue is also used here. Of course, the characteristic fire red of the Jumpman can't be missing here either. 
  • The Air Jordan 5 is an absolutely priceless one-off, thanks to the so-called Transformers Edition. This very special model is released for the first time in the latest part of the film series and attracts the attention of countless sneakerheads. This time, the shoe turns heads with its unique design. The model features black leather with grid lines and very obvious accents inspired by Optimus Prime. There is also a reference to the launch year of the eponymous series on the back of the shoe. But the most striking aspect of the shoe is probably the fluorescent sole, which features the Transformers logo. However, Mark Wahlberg, the sole owner of this unique piece, had to inform disappointed sneakerheads that there would never be another pair of these special shoes — an absolute one-off indeed. So, beware of cheap knockoffs, dear sneakerheads!
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