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South Park | For the Child in You

South Park is one of the most famous American animated sitcoms ever. The show was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone and developed by Brian Graden. It was made for Comedy Central. Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick are the four boys around whom the show revolves around. Their fun activities throughout Colorado have made the series quite popular. 

Moreover, the most significant selling point of the show was its over-the-top dark humour and the ability to satirise any given topic. The directors got inspiration from the show through two short films in 1952 and 1955. In the early times, cutout animation played an essential role in developing the series. Later, the show started using computer animation for better production. 

Ever since the series was released, it performed well and became one of the longest-running programs on Comedy Central. The show has been working with brands from crypto to footwear and has helped them stay relevant even today.

adidas x South Park

The show's 25th anniversary meant something special needed to happen, and adidas came forward to help them out. One of the most beloved characters, "Towelie", was handed over to the German footwear brand for development reasons only. 

And it gave birth to a six pair sneaker collection for all sneakerheads and cartoon lovers. The collection has shoes from all the lineups, including the adidas originals and modern-day designs. 

The German sports brand has brought the Colorado best of friends to life, recreating moments of joy. For, say, the very famous shoe in the collection, A.W.E.S.O.M.O. 4000, takes us back to the moment when Eric Cartman disguises himself to take an unfair advantage. 

The N.M.D. R1 V2 is inspired by Professor Chaos, Kyle, and Stan getting a shoe and the unlucky Kenny McCormick. Furthermore, all the shoes released in the collection fulfil sustainability efforts by having at least 50% recycled content.


One of the show's most loved characters, "Towelie", truly deserves a shoe, and adidas has blessed us with one. As for the character, Toweli is a talking towel that adds sparkles to the show. 

The shoe has an upper part of terry-covered lavender of the same Towelie feel, and to make it even more attractive, it has a pair of eye illustrations. It makes the consumer feel like wearing Towelie on their feet. Even more, the eyes colour to red under U.V. light, one cool gimmick.


If we are talking about South Park, how can we forget colours and their role in the show? Another addition to the collection, adidas has come up with Cartman Forum Low, a shoe based on another beloved character.

The shoe's theme resembles Cartman's overall classical yet colourful attire. It has a red leather upper, just like his iconic jacket. At the same time, light blue and yellow are added to reference his hat. The branding from both the parties at hand can be seen on the footbed. 

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