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Asphaltgold, one of the leading sneaker and streetwear retailers in Germany, has made a name for itself with its exclusive range of sneakers, clothing and accessories. Known for its careful selection of products, Asphaltgold stands for quality, exclusivity and a unique style. The retailer offers an impressive selection of world-famous brands and limited editions both in its shops and online.

A centre of sneaker culture and urban fashion

The company is deeply rooted in sneaker culture and impresses with its passion for fashion, which is reflected in exclusive releases and rare collaborations. Asphaltgold attaches great importance to a strong community bond, which is emphasised by a comprehensive shopping experience with detailed product descriptions, authentic photos and customer-oriented support.

In addition to sneakers, Asphaltgold offers a wide range of streetwear and accessories that perfectly complement the modern urban lifestyle. The retailer has made it its mission to cross the boundaries between fashion, art and culture, offering not just products, but culture and lifestyle.
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