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Nike Air Max 90 - Like Running on a Cloud?

Nike introduced the new Air cushion technology in 1979 and revolutionized the entire footwear market. By incorporating the Air Sole, Nike wanted to make sure that you could enjoy every step you take with a truly unique and comfortable wearing experience. In detail, however, the cushioning cushion is not exactly filled with normal air, but instead with a special gas. The core of the Air Sole remains the urethane rubber, which provides an additional cushioning effect. This technology has its origins traced to the highly technical NASA. So, you can assume that every sneakerhead will have a really pleasant running experience. If you would like to be rather precise with facts, the so-called Air Sole was already built into the Nike Tailwind. However, it was the Air Max models that truly established this unique technology all over the world and thus gained a lot of popularity. An important part of the recipe for success is the visualization of the Air cushions. Many top athletes were already enthusiastic about the special running experience, but Nike wanted to fully visualize that feeling. This resulted in the visible Air Sole, which is still, ultimately, the recognizable feature of the Air Max series today. The Nike Air Max 90 is supposed to offer the smoothest feeling. It comes with an even bigger cushion and really gives you the feeling that you are running on a cloud. 

Technical Details of the Nike Air Max 90

With the Nike Air Max 90, the manufacturer scores with several positive attributes of the model. Obviously, the Air Sole is the main component of the shoes and offers the lightweight running experience. But, the additional padded tongue also contributes positively to the comfort and wearability of the sneakers. Of course, traction is also very important for this model. The special grooves always ensure a good grip and constant control while running. In addition, the rubberized outsole makes the Nike Air Max 90 even more durable and adds to the grip of the shoe. A mix of leather and synthetic material provides the distinctive quality of this model.

The History of the Air Max

If you know a bit about the success story of the Nike brand, you know that a very special person had a lot of influence on the development and popularity of some of its models. Tinker Hatfield first came to Nike in 1981 and initially had absolutely nothing to do with the well-known shoes. His job was in fact simply to design offices and shops for the company. His passion was completely focused on designing potential buildings and nobody could have guessed at that time what kind of influence this person would have on the brand a while later. One day, a Nike employee asked him if he would like to use his artistic skills to design a shoe. And, from that moment on, everything started to roll. Hatfield, of course, didn't need to be asked twice, and so he naturally took on the task he was given. His first big project was the Nike Air Max, on which he helped the company as a fashion designer. But, what Mr. Hatfield came to propose caused a lot of discussion: a cushioning unit with a window in the sole. What was first thought of as crazy and too out there later became one of the most successful shoe models in sneaker history. Incidentally, Tinker Hatfield got his inspiration from the Centre Pompidou in Paris. The building is characterized by its unconventional architecture. And, it was exactly this unusual shape that he tried to translate to the Nike Air Max 90. He made the interior visible and then showcased the unique technology. One should not only get to feel the extraordinary running experience, but also see it. And, it was this same incredible idea that became the recipe for a very successful shoe.

Hot Release of the Nike Air Max 90

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The Nike Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0 Flyknit Infrared was released in March 2017 and has been very popular with sneakerheads due to its unique retro colourway. The special colourway makes many fans of this model go crazy as it is obviously inspired by the colourway of the OG. In combination with its ultra-light upper material and the characteristic Air Sole, it becomes truly irresistible for many.

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