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Nike Air Vapormax
Originally, the idea came from aeronautical engineer Frank Rudy, who had the idea to fill a gas into a closed plastic capsule and thus emulate the feeling of walking on clouds.

The Nike Air Vapormax is another release that represents a milestone in achieving this ultimate goal.

The "Air" Innovation in the Nike Air Vapormax

The Nike Air Vapormax represents yet another innovation in Nike's tireless technology forge. That's because the Air sole in this silhouette serves as a complete and self-contained outsole for the first time due to its technological advancements.

Previously, it was always necessary to incorporate a material made of rubber or foam into the midsole to give the sole stability, protection, and durability. Now, for the first time, Nike has succeeded in building a completely continuous sole with an "Air" element that does not need any of these intermediate components, but is really completely free.

So, the cushioning of the shoe mutates into a new kind of experience, because the feeling in the shoe is actually excellent and feels different from most other sneakers.

The "Air" Evolution

The first Air Max, the "Air Max 1" debuted in 1987 and was the first release to feature a visible, large Air cushion unit. Numerous evolutions of the Air Max model followed, with the Air Max 97 standing out as a new milestone in the meantime, because around ten years after the first Air Max introduction, Nike's technology had gone so far as to turn a "small" Air cushion unit in the sole into a continuous Air unit throughout the entire sole.

"Flyknit" in the Nike Air Vapormax

Of course, with such an innovation in the sole, the upper material also has to keep up. It is therefore obvious that Nike has given the Vapormax the popular and progressive "Flyknit" upper.

Flyknit is incredibly comfortable because it hugs the foot, making the shoe feel more like a sock than a shoe.

The cloudy feeling returns in 2023

Since its introduction in 2017, the Nike Air VaporMax has renewed its technical Flyknit upper every year. Only in 2022 did the VaporMax remain unchanged. The sportswear giant decided it was time to give the widely-used design a bit of an update, and the first images of the Nike Air VaporMax 2023 Flyknit surfaced earlier this year. While the Air VaporMax of 2020 featured plenty of embellishments, next year's new design is more reminiscent of the original design from six years ago with a sleek finish covered in Flyknit. Exaggerated lugs and raised heel constructions are no more. Instead, rubber mats in the forefoot and heel area discreetly protect the shoe.
The latest version of the Nike Air VaporMax does away with embroidery and instead relies on the unmistakable Swoosh in the respective colour of the Flyknit upper. Together with the white outfit and the matching colour accents on the tongue and the striped heel, the shoe looks really cool. There is also an additional mini Swoosh on the black airbag at the bottom and the tongue and collar are made from one piece.

Oreo vibes on the first Nike Air VaporMax 2023 Flyknit

If you're looking for a new pair of VaporMax, then the Nike Air VaporMax 2023 Flyknit might be of interest to you. The latest version of Nike's VaporMax series has been confirmed in several colourways, kicking off with a dark sneaker with sleek blue insoles that can also be found in the label's Terrascape collection. The cool design is available for both genders - for men with white accent stitching reminiscent of an Oreo composition and for women in simple black.
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