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Nike Epic React Flyknit - Run like on Clouds

Optimising resilience, comfort and durability. That was the guiding principle behind the creation of the Nike Epic React Flyknit. Attentive readers of our blogs should have noticed that React in itself is not an absolute novelty in the sneaker world. The Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit and the Jordan Super.Fly 6 already integrated the new cushioning system into their soles. But we wouldn't be talking about Nike here if they didn't gift us with technological progress again this year. The Nike Epic React Flyknit in particular, for example, has been tuned for increased impulsivity and reactivity, which should give runners the constant feeling of pushing off a starting block. And the further developed React system has not received the predicate "Epic" for nothing. The focus of this model is even more on increased lightness and a soft running feeling. By improving the foam used, the energy return has been increased by 13%. When compared to the already indescribable running comfort of previous React versions, the Nike Epic React Flyknit must really feel like clouds. However, to ensure that the feeling of running on wings lasts for a long time, Nike has had lengthy tests carried out to prevent the unique effect from dulling. Some test models were even put to the test for up to 2,000 hours. Thus, Nike has absolute certainty that their innovative system can really be called long-lasting.

As if the brand with the swoosh hadn't done enough for the comfort and lightness of the shoe, they have equipped the Nike Epic React Flyknit with another notorious technology from Nike. Since its introduction, the eponymous Flyknit material has inspired countless athletes and ordinary consumers alike. Since lightness was an essential core concept in the model's development, the use of Flyknit here is anything but a surprise. It promises an inconspicuous fusion between the shoe and its wearer, ensuring excellent comfort. The separate production process also saves a few grams, so you don't even feel like you're wearing a shoe on your foot. In addition, the unique fibre structure of the Flyknit enables even better air circulation. So if you often have problems with sweaty feet, this special material should help. In combination with the Epic React sole, the Nike Epic React Flyknit has finally become a true high-performance model.

Nike Epic React Flyknit - More Than Just a Little Marketing

Some of you may now think that this is simply ingenious marketing and that nothing has really changed compared to its predecessor. But we can take away your scepticism. Nike's approach is highly scientific and based on solid data. As usual, they are also guided by the demands of countless top athletes, so that they can also call up the required top performances. The training practice of the respective athletes provides helpful insights. For this purpose, heat distribution images are created during the training sessions so that detailed knowledge is gained about the points with the greatest stress. The technical data obtained is then evaluated with the help of computer programmes and thus makes it possible to design a sole with the appropriate cushioning qualities. In short, the greatest stress zones are equipped with additional foam, which ultimately creates the indescribably light running feeling of the Nike Epic React Flyknit.

All of this may sound like a strong sports focus to many, but at least we can imagine the Nike Epic React Flyknit doing really well on the street. It wouldn't be the first time that a pure running shoe turned out to be a potential trend in the sneaker scene. The Nike Air Max series already set a good example here. We are definitely looking forward to the further development of this model and to future colourways!

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