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The Nike Air Huarache is one of the biggest and most successful new releases from Nike and polarised countless sneakerheads back in the 90s. Hardly any other sneaker caused as much controversy as the Huarache.

And even today, some fall in love with its unmistakable appearance, while others just can't stand the sight of it. Nevertheless, this one-of-a-kind shoe boasts some nice features that even the biggest haters can't deny. For example, the Huarache uses a unique and sock-like technology that is supposed to give the wearer unparalleled support and hold. Not to mention a strange blend of lycra and neoprene that gives the sneaker a rather unusual yet chic look. As if the Huarache wasn't equipped with enough features, it also gets a strap that wraps around the wearer's heel and supports their joint accordingly. So not only does it look stable, but that's exactly what it is. Whether you like the Nike Air Huarache or not, it definitely has a lot to offer. Maybe there will be a release in the future that will make even the haters of the overall look change their minds. Besides, it has been released in many different variations over the last few years, always slightly different from the original. So that you don't miss this moment, you should subscribe to our Grailify newsletter or download our free Grailify app directly.

Nike Air Huarache - the Story Behind the Sneaker

Unsurprisingly, we owe the Huarache to none other than the great design genius Tinker Hatfield himself. No one is responsible for as many successful models as this man. He also designed the Huarache in the style of his other shoes: completely outside his remit and, of course, again from scratch. Interestingly, he got his inspiration for the Nike Air Huarache from ski equipment. Yes, you heard right! But if you take a look at the shoe after this statement, you will immediately notice that this idea is not that far off.

The supportive elements on the upper are indeed reminiscent of the aforementioned ski equipment. Furthermore, the Huarache is one of the first models from Nike without the typical swoosh. At the time, this was simply an unwritten law. However, this was to change in this case. The sneaker was equipped solely with an original Huarache logo on the tongue of the shoe and there was only a simple Nike lettering on the strap in the heel area. Quite a daring design! However, one should not forget that we are talking about Tinker Hatfield here. If anyone could create a provocative design, it was certainly him. Hatfield also used a completely unpredictable inspiration for the upper material. The aforementioned mix of neoprene and Lycra is supposed to be inspired by the equipment used in water skiing. Again, the connection is not that far-fetched, as these materials are mainly used in water sports.

As you can see, Mr. Hatfield is quite a creative mind who draws his inspiration from all kinds of sources and creates one masterpiece after the next. But he is also constantly concerned with the technical features in his projects. Every sneaker should not only be beautiful to look at, but also offer a certain comfort and the latest innovations. The aforementioned sock-like technology at the heel of the shoe offered an unrivalled wearing sensation, even by the standards of the time. In the advertising campaigns associated with the Huarache, the recurring question was asked whether people had already embraced their feet today. This phrase may sound strange to the uninformed consumer at first, but it refers to the Huarache's very popular support system. Many sneakerheads around the world even today swear by it being the most comfortable sneaker by far. That's pretty impressive when you consider that the Huarache is already over 20 years old. Especially since Nike hasn't exactly been restrained with the technologies of their shoes in recent times and has released boards like the popular Flyknit. No matter what you think of the Nike Air Huarache, it was already ahead of its time in the 90s.

Revival of the Nike Huarache - new models

In recent years, the Nike Air Huarache has made a remarkable comeback. Although the shoe was already popular in the 90s, it fell somewhat into the background for a while. But with the increasing demand for retro sneakers and the growing interest in vintage models, the Air Huarache experienced a renaissance. Sneakerheads and fashion enthusiasts rediscovered the shoe's unique design and distinctive style and began to seek out classic colourways and limited editions. Combining nostalgia with contemporary streetwear style, the Nike Air Huarache recaptured the hearts of many and became a coveted collector's item. Both new colourways and the original models from the 90s enjoy great popularity and the demand for the Air Huarache is unbroken.

30 years of Nike Air Huarache

In 2000, Stüssy and Nike released two great Huaraches that are still among the most popular collaborations of the decade. The Beaverton-based brand celebrated the 30th anniversary of the silhouette with a reissue of the collaboration. The collaboration combined Stüssy's signature design with the innovative fit of the Huarache and caused a stir in the sneaker community. However, the labels were not able to achieve full success with the revival, as some of the sneakers remained in large quantities at Nike as well as at selected retailers and later appeared in the sale.
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