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Greater Than Series

The Nike G.T. Cut 3 is the latest addition to Nike's innovative Greater Than series, designed specifically for basketball players who prioritise speed and agility. This shoe combines advanced technology with functional design to maximise performance on the court.

The design of the Nike G.T. Cut 3 focuses on optimising foot movement and provides excellent support without restricting freedom of movement. The sole of the shoe is equipped with an innovative traction pattern that has been specially developed for quick changes of direction and abrupt stops. This allows players to utilise their natural agility effectively and improves their ability to move quickly around the pitch.

The upper of the G.T. Cut 3 is made from a lightweight but robust material mix that offers both breathability and support. Nike has placed particular emphasis on ventilation in this model, which is made clear by strategically placed mesh inserts. These inserts ensure that the foot stays cool and dry even during intense exertion.

Another outstanding feature of the Nike G.T. Cut 3 is the use of Nike's latest React cushioning technology. This provides exceptional energy return and cushioning that reduces foot fatigue during long periods of play while increasing comfort.
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