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History of the Sneaker

For Petrie and the Nike basketball sneaker team, it was clear that each new model in the LeBron line required fresh tools and an update. In addition, all of LeBron's wishes were to be met and the sneaker optimised so that James could wear it on the court and perform to his full potential. 

"The "knit team" at Nike is genius," Petrie says. "I don't use that term lightly. They are mathematical artists and have developed a new knit for the 16 that is strong enough to support LeBron and successfully reduces any layers in the overall build that could slow him down." 

Meanwhile, the LeBron 16 is available in many different colourways and truly has something for everyone.

Material and Style of the Sneaker

So the Nike LeBron 16, which is different from its predecessor, introduces an optimised Battleknitt 2.0 upper, with an additional layer of yarn. This provides better support, prevents twisting and is strong enough to support the foot while allowing freedom of movement. 

But that was not all that was optimised on the Nike LeBron 16. At the request of James himself, the ankle height was lowered. "I wanted to get a little faster and be a little more dynamic." - LeBron James. 

But there's also something that hasn't changed. The Max Air cushioned midsole, which we already had on the LeBron 15. That cushioning has also been retained at James' request, but refined a little more.

For some, the LeBron 16 is a little too heavy, but that is a matter of taste and should be assessed individually. 

The padding makes the shoe not only comfortable, but also optimal for the foot. The shoe itself is similar to the LeBron 15. So anyone who has already had experience with the LeBron line knows that this sneaker then also fits. So the LeBron 16 goes one better compared to its predecessor. The traction is also excellent. The tongue has been improved so that getting into the shoe is even quicker and easier. The entire package has been revised and improved.

Conclusion on the Nike LeBron 16

Everyone is convinced by the Nike LeBron 16. It is an improved version of the LeBron 15, which was already convincing. James himself was able to incorporate his wishes for improvement and thus achieve everything that is important for him on the court. Due to its style, the LeBron 16 is not only super hot, but also convinces with its "inner" values and offers the comfort you really need.

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