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Nike Cosmic Unity
The Nike Cosmic Unity is an important step by Nike on the way to more sustainability and performance in basketball shoes. This model is not only an exclamation mark in terms of design and functionality, but also a commitment to responsibility towards our planet. Designed for players who want to make a positive contribution both on and off the court, the Cosmic Unity combines innovative technologies with eco-friendly materials.

An outstanding feature of the Cosmic Unity is its commitment to sustainability. A large part of the shoe is made from recycled materials without compromising performance. Nike uses a combination of recycled polyester and other sustainable materials to create a basketball shoe that is both environmentally friendly and high performing. This approach emphasises Nike's ongoing commitment to reducing the environmental footprint of its products while supporting athletes in their pursuit of excellence.

A symbol of sustainability and high performance in basketball

Design and functionality go hand in hand with the Cosmic Unity. The shoe offers excellent cushioning and support, making it ideal for intense games and high performance on the basketball court. Equally impressive is its aesthetic appeal with a futuristic look that reflects the vision of sustainability and performance. The dynamic lines and eye-catching colour palette make the Cosmic Unity a real head-turner.
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