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Nike Air Max 180
Anyone who knows a little about sneakers should have noticed that the Nike Air Max 180 celebrated a revival not too long ago. It was reissued in 2013. Since then, however, it has been very quiet about the retro shoe and some fans did not even have this year's release on their radar. So we are all the more pleased that we can finally enjoy this unique and unmistakable silhouette again. To avoid the same thing happening to you as the surprised Air Max lovers, you should subscribe to our newsletter or download our free Grailify app instead. That way you'll never miss important releases again and you'll always be the first to hear about gigantic comebacks like the Nike Air Max 180!

Nike Air Max 180 - Combination of Comfort and Design

The word Nike Air Max should actually project a fixed image directly into the head of anyone who knows at least a little about the special models. The unique silhouette is immediately recognised by countless shoe fanatics all over the world. But it's not just the design that makes the Nike Air Max 180 so notorious. We are talking about the more than unique Air Unit, which has already made a multitude of its wearers happy. In 1979, this special piece of technology was installed in a shoe for the first time and directly turned the entire sneaker scene upside down with this outstanding innovation. Nike even went so far as to contact NASA in order to optimise the cushioning system with their help. Now that's what we call drastic measures! But it definitely helped the success of models like the Nike Air Max 180. Athletes and especially runners all over the world were more than happy with the new feeling. They could still hope for the support for their high-performance and at the same time feel an indescribably soft wearing sensation. No wonder then that the Air Max range brought such a breakthrough. Interestingly, the Air Max or the Nike Air Max 180 became so famous not only because of the top athletes. The shoe became trendy streetwear and everyone who liked sneakers just a little bit wanted them. Qualities like the enormous durability, lightness and of course the unique cushioning made the model absolutely street-ready. By making the air inside the damping chamber visible, another important design element was brought into play. It is one of the most distinctive features and provides the unmistakable look of the Air Max.

Some people may wonder how the Air Max models differ from each other. On the one hand, Nike likes to vary the look of the uppers of the respective models. On the other hand, they like to design the sole and thus also the cushioning system differently. The Nike Air Max 180 in particular has received significant changes in the design of the Air Unit. This model features the eponymous 180° Air Unit, which is clearly different from models such as the Nike Air Max 98. The Visible Air Sole is also present underneath the shoe and thus offers a 180° view into the cushioning chamber.

Nike Air Max 180 - Retro Feeling at its Best

The revival of such an icon of sneaker history always means a lot of nostalgia and retro feelings for us. The OG colourways in particular intensify this effect immensely and truly take us back to the early 90s. And that's exactly what the brand with the swoosh is trying to do again with the comeback of the Nike Air Max 180!

The Nike Air Max 180 OG takes us back to the past. With its ultramarine blue and red elements, it is logically based on the original release of the model. The bright accents are on a plain white and stand out accordingly well from the base. Anyone who goes out on the street with the Nike Air Max 180 OG will most likely stand out immediately. A timeless design that can still prove itself in everyday life tens of years later!

Who designed the Nike Air Max 180?

As with other hip sneakers, famous Nike designer Tinker Hatfield was the creative genius behind the design of the Nike Air Max 180. He is considered one of the most outstanding personalities in the world of sneakers and has designed many iconic models for Nike. Hatfield wanted to develop and improve Nike's Air technology. Inspired by this idea, he designed the Air Max 180 in 1991.

Tinker Hatfield's basic idea for the development was to provide maximum shock absorption and energy return to improve the comfort and performance of runners. A short time later, an even larger Air Unit was created, which allowed for a more responsive and resilient run. At the same time, the silhouette was different from the other Air Max sneakers of its time, as it had more Air in the sole and looked futuristic.

What materials is the Air Max 180 made of?

All in all, the Air Max 180 combines high-quality materials with innovative Air cushioning technology to create a shoe that excels in both comfort and performance. The upper of the Nike AM 180 is made from a blend of leather, textile and synthetic materials that provide flexibility, breathability and support to the foot. In addition, the collar and tongue are pleasantly padded to increase comfort. The wearer feels further cushioning inside the shoe and under the foot, as the insole is softly padded and the outsole consists of a robust rubber outsole. The outsole also features flex grooves to enhance the natural movement of the foot.

Nike Air Max 180 for men and women

Both men and women can enjoy the popular Air Max 180 from Nike. This is because the sporting goods manufacturer offers a variety of models and colourways that are specifically designed for both genders. However, you should pay attention to the gender-specific sizes and fits, as these can vary.
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