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Nike Go FlyEase
The Nike Go FlyEase sneakers are an innovative line of shoes launched by Nike in 2021 to make putting on and taking off sneakers much easier. These shoes are specifically designed to support people with limited mobility while providing a comfortable and stylish sneaker for everyone. Their outstanding features are the hands-free design and the innovative folding technology that allows the shoes to be put on and taken off without using the hands. What is the secret behind the seamless movement? The secret lies in a bi-stable hinge that holds the shoe securely whether it is fully open or fully closed. Here's to hands-free shoe wear, courtesy of Nike!

GO FlyEase - Nike's commitment to inclusion

This attention to detail is just one example of Nike's commitment to thoughtful and accessible solutions. It's about enabling everyone to feel empowered and included, regardless of their physical abilities. And this is not a flash in the pan for Nike. With its FlyEase technology, the company keeps setting new standards and integrating it into all kinds of models, from basketball to running to sportswear. That's what we call a real innovation! The technology behind Nike GO FlyEase makes getting dressed super fast and easy. Just slip them on and you're ready to go. Put your foot on the shoe and the rest goes by itself.

Nike GO FlyEase causes controversy on TikTok

These shoes were originally designed to make it easier for people with disabilities to put them on and take them off, but shortly after the release of the first colourway, they are the subject of a TikTok video because they are being traded on the black market at astronomical prices. In the video, @notlewy criticises the limited availability and the impact on people with disabilities who now have to spend hundreds of dollars to own a pair. Although Nike is praised as a company committed to inclusion and accessibility, in this case it has done itself a disservice.
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