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Air unit for ultimate performance

The Nike Ishod 2 is the latest collaboration between Nike SB and professional skater Ishod Wair. Following the success of the first model, the Ishod 2 brings new innovations and a fresh design to the skate parks and streets, making it the first choice for skaters around the world.

The design of the Nike Ishod 2 is characterised by an optimised fit and improved durability. Compared to its predecessor, the Ishod 2 offers a revised silhouette with a lower profile that allows for better ground adaptation and thus better board control. The upper is made from a durable but breathable material that can withstand the rigours of everyday skating without compromising comfort.

A special feature of the Nike Ishod 2 is its innovative sole technology. Equipped with a new, flexible yet robust rubber compound, the shoe offers exceptional traction and flexibility. There is also an air unit under the foot.

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