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Nike PG2
The sneaker offers improved slip resistance and generally a better grip to avoid twisting. A perfect showcase for a performance sneaker that definitely performs well on the court.

History of the Nike PG2

"My love for basketball started early. I was crazy about the game. I would wake up early to dribble, play outside barefoot, and run up and down the court in heavy weather with a backpack full of rocks to learn how to get more bounce," George recalls. "I did these crazy things because I didn't want to just play in the park or on the street, I wanted to play at the highest level." 

So Paul George clearly expresses how he feels about his sport, what he has done for it, and that comes through again with the Nike PG2. Because there was still room for improvement, which has now been fully exploited. With a new underfoot experience that promises more performance and responsiveness and many other improvements.

Material of the Sneaker

In the Nike PG2, the size of the Zoom Air unit in the forefoot has been increased by a full 10 millimetres. In the PG1 there was still a little "space" between the foot and the shoe, but this is now different in the Nike PG2. The technology can be fully utilised here.

The sneaker is not meant for George alone. Work is being done to offer an improved version for him and also for the offspring. Everything that worked for the PG1 will be retained for the PG2, and everything that wasn't yet optimal will be improved. Lockdown and responsiveness are just two aspects that have been significantly improved. Traction has also been upgraded on the PG2 so that it is perfect for a good and safe game.

The PG2 focuses on both design, which is an important point when choosing a sneaker, but also on performance, which is the deciding factor when choosing.

"The only thing I can do is chase the best players in our league and bring them to their knees. That is the goal. That will be the best way to make the PG2 stand out and show everything he can do performance-wise," says George. "I've got my hands full, but I've got the right shoes for the job."

Now if that's not a statement. So the Nike PG2 was put through a tough test bench and had to prove itself first.

Conclusion on the Nike PG2

The Nike PG2 is not just a sneaker. It is the sneaker embodied by Paul George. There is not only heart and soul here, but also improved performance and design in every fibre of the basketball sneaker. If you want to stabilise and improve your performance on the court, you definitely can't go wrong here with Nike PG2.

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