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Innovation at Nike is not dreaming about tomorrow, but working towards it. According to the legendary Tinker Hatfield, this has always been the motto of the famous label with the swoosh. The Nike Hyperadapt seems to be the absolute prime example of this, because it represents the result of years of research and development in various areas like no other.

In the past, self-lacing shoes like those in Back to the Future were only a vision, a dream that seemed a very long way off. So it's all the more impressive what Nike has come up with in recent years. Sneakers as innovative as Marty McFly's are now anything but unimaginable, but they also have their price. But honestly, who wouldn't want to have a pair of such absurd sneakers? In the course of time, some sexy colourways for the Nike Hyperadapt have been released, but they were sold out immediately and hardly available anywhere. To make sure this doesn't happen to you, subscribe to our Grailify newsletter or download the Grailify app directly!

Nike Hyperadapt - The Revolution Among Sneakers

Some of you might be wondering what exactly is supposed to justify a price of around 700€. Well, you should ask yourself how often you have been able to buy a self-lacing sneaker. We know that Nike has already released a similar model, but it was very limited and hardly accessible to the masses. That is about to change with the Nike Hyperadapt!

Of course, the strong resemblance to the model from Back to the Future cannot be denied, but this time it is not a complicated movie prop. The adaptive lacing of the Hyperadapt is in fact a complete reality. As soon as you slip into the unique sneaker and the heel of the wearer touches the electronic sensor, the special system is automatically activated and the laces adapt perfectly to the foot. Some would like to object that each person prefers a different lacing and does not like shoes that are too tight, for example. But we wouldn't be talking about the label with the swoosh here if they hadn't thought about that too. The Nike Hyperadapt has two buttons on the side that make the lacing individually adjustable. So if you always lace your sneakers a little looser, you can easily adjust it with their help. The wearer doesn't even have to reconfigure these settings every time they put them on, but can simply save them as a preset so that they are automatically applied when the sensor is touched. Nike has really thought of everything with this shoe! Well, we have to be honest, anything else would be ridiculous at such a hefty price 😉

Nike Hyperadapt - More and More Colourways

The Hyperadapt originally came with two rather unspectacular releases in 2017. So it's all the nicer that Nike has announced many new colourways for the model again in 2018. The technical background was the focus of the release and the shoe managed to inspire everyone even without a gaudy look. But now Nike is finally getting a little bolder and releasing more striking colour schemes.

  • The Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 Wolf Grey is definitely one of the more striking colourways that have already been released in February 2018. The colour scheme is strongly oriented towards a black & white approach and at the same time has a very interesting pattern on the upper of the shoe. This makes the release striking and simple at the same time and will probably appeal to some with its special style.
  • The Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 Habanero made its debut on February 8th, 2018 and obviously convinces with a very fiery colourway. The entire upper is wrapped in a fiery red hue and is completed by single black accents. Interestingly, the same pattern as the Wolf Grey is used on the upper part of the shoe. In our opinion, it almost fits the Habanero even better! But it's still a matter of taste 😉 .
  • Let's move on to the last shoes we want to present to you from February: The Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 Team Red and the Team Orange! Both releases are equipped with a digital camo pattern, which has already found its place on many other hypereleases. On the Team Red model, the camo pattern is a mix of red and yellow, with the swoosh wrapped in all black. Its sibling, on the other hand, features a mix of green and orange camo. Very extravagant colourways that will definitely get you noticed!
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