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Nike LeBron | The King of the Court

The one name that pops up in the head of every basketball maniac has to be LeBron James. Arguably, the most prominent name of modern-day basketball, LeBron James has been part of the Hall of Fame, even while still playing. Since starting his journey in 2003, he has been hooping like a piece of cake.

His rookie season saw the birth of Nike apparel and 13 sneakers in James's signature lineup. The very first shoe, called LeBron 1 or Nike Air Zoom, came into being in 2001, and since then, only even greater shoes have been popping up on the radar. Every year we saw the release of Nike shoes with LeBron from 2003-2015.

However, the journey continued even after 2015. Nike has always been proud to work with basketball players. In 2015, Nike and LeBron signed a lifetime deal for $1 billion, making him one of the wealthiest athletes of all time. 

Space Jam 2: A New Legacy

The LA Lakers superstar introduced his LeBron 19 shoes in the famous movie Space Jam 2. Marketing the shoe to a larger audience was considered an intelligent tactic. The shoe has a vibrant red, orange and blue design.

The movie could have done better business at the box office. However, things were different for the basketball player. He proved to be more significant than the movie; as his shoes sold like hotcakes. It had various colour options, but the one used in the film was the most famous.

The Kith Collection

LeBron teamed up with Kith to produce an iconic collection in 2017 that gave birth to three new shoes. The LeBron 15 shoes were unique and attracted customers from all walks of life; the two lifestyle models have been selling off the racks like hotcakes.

One of the most unique about the shoe is the "Long Live The King" slogan that can be seen on the shoes. The two lifestyle shoes came with this particular attribute. However, the other remaining shoe had a zipper design to make it stand out from the competition.

Titan x LeBron 

Titan and LeBron are no strangers when it comes to collaborations. Every time the two giants come together, they make unique shoes. However, they took things to the next level for the third partnership.

The collection was targeted towards the basketball scene of the Philippines and gave them tribute in an extraordinary way. The footwear was inspired by the sea lion Ultramar, which is prominent in the tradition of the Philippines. The creature symbolises power, something the shoe has over its competition.

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