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The King of the Court

The one name that pops up in the head of every basketball maniac has to be LeBron James. Arguably, the most prominent name of modern-day basketball, LeBron James has been part of the Hall of Fame, even while still playing. Since starting his journey in 2003, he has been hooping like a piece of cake.

His rookie season saw the birth of Nike apparel and 13 sneakers in James's signature lineup. The very first shoe, called LeBron 1 or Nike Air Zoom, came into being in 2001, and since then, only even greater shoes have been popping up on the radar. Every year we saw the release of Nike shoes with LeBron from 2003-2015.

However, the journey continued even after 2015. Nike has always been proud to work with basketball players. In 2015, Nike and LeBron signed a lifetime deal for $1 billion, making him one of the wealthiest athletes of all time. 

Space Jam 2: A New Legacy

The LA Lakers superstar introduced his LeBron 19 shoes in the famous movie Space Jam 2. Marketing the shoe to a larger audience was considered an intelligent tactic. The shoe has a vibrant red, orange and blue design.

The movie could have done better business at the box office. However, things were different for the basketball player. He proved to be more significant than the movie; as his shoes sold like hotcakes. It had various colour options, but the one used in the film was the most famous.

The Kith Collection

LeBron teamed up with Kith to produce an iconic collection in 2017 that gave birth to three new shoes. The LeBron 15 shoes were unique and attracted customers from all walks of life; the two lifestyle models have been selling off the racks like hotcakes.

One of the most unique about the shoe is the "Long Live The King" slogan that can be seen on the shoes. The two lifestyle shoes came with this particular attribute. However, the other remaining shoe had a zipper design to make it stand out from the competition.

Titan x LeBron 

Titan and LeBron are no strangers when it comes to collaborations. Every time the two giants come together, they make unique shoes. However, they took things to the next level for the third partnership.

The collection was targeted towards the basketball scene of the Philippines and gave them tribute in an extraordinary way. The footwear was inspired by the sea lion Ultramar, which is prominent in the tradition of the Philippines. The creature symbolises power, something the shoe has over its competition.

The mighty generation of Nike LeBron

Since 28 September 2023, we have been able to welcome LeBron's 21st signature sneaker. Before that, however, there were 20 other models that were allowed to present themselves as innovative pieces. We took a closer look at each of LeBron James' sneakers for you and explored their features that make them so unique.

Nike Air Zoom LeBron 1
The very first Nike LeBron silhouette went straight into full action. An Air Zoom unit in the forefoot and the comfortable Nike Air cushioning in the heel were the basic framework of the Nike Air Zoom LeBron 1. Clearly, the basis for the responsive and protective cushioning that makes up a James sneaker was directly present here.

Nike Air Zoom LeBron 2
More, more, more! The second King James sneaker directly maximised Nike's developments. A comfortable and voluminous Zoom Air unit supported the responsive style of play. At the same time, Nike doubled the cushioning in the front and rear area.

Nike Air Zoom LeBron 3
More cushioning also means more weight. A comfortable sneaker is not only about cushioning, but also about weight. That's why the Beaverton-based brand has significantly reduced the weight of the double Air Zoom unit in the third sneaker.

Nike Air Zoom LeBron 4
With the Air Zoom LeBron 4, Nike looks back again and removes the double units in the sole. Instead, a full-length Air Zoom element is used, which shares its space with a carbon shaft. Nike addressed propulsion and enabled a faster style of play. In addition, stability was not neglected as the robust Foamposite construction balanced out the features.

Nike Air Zoom LeBron 5
Time for a refresh. The 5th signature sneaker kept its full length Air Zoom unit. The upper, however, was updated and got a Phyposite endoskeleton.

Nike Air Zoom LeBron 6
The comfortable full-length cushioning seems to have taken root, as the 6th LeBron sneaker also kept the element. In addition, however, Nike again incorporated a double insert in the heel. This has allowed the brand to again increase responsiveness and maximise lateral and quick movements.

Nike Air Max LeBron 7
A milestone has been reached. From the name, you can already hear that this sneaker is Air Max. A new cushioning for the LeBron series. Nike incorporates a full length Air Max unit that is fully focused on ball sports thanks to the slight downward slope.

Nike LeBron 8
The sole and its cushioning seem perfect. The same element supports the style of play, while an improved upper enhances comfort.

Nike LeBron 9
Could the first title run be owed to the Nike LeBron 9? Maybe! The visible Max Air unit in the heel and the flat Air Zoom unit in the front gave the King a better feel.

Nike LeBron 10
Nike continued to study LeBron James' style of play. His unique back-to-back run needs to be supported by the sneakers. Therefore, the team developed an innovative Max Air unit that was combined with Air Zoom. This protected the impact protection and responsive movements.

Nike LeBron 11
Nike again incorporates a full-length Air Zoom unit, which should show indestructible strength, especially with the new construction. The low profile and malleability are essential components of the Nike LeBron 11.

Nike LeBron 12
The Nike LeBron 12 is the first sneaker to feature individual Air Zoom pods. Nike looks to the natural movement of King James and also offers responsive cushioning. Each pod has been carefully selected and placed to ensure optimal energy return.

Nike LeBron 13
The new cushioning system has proven itself on the court. Now Nike is looking at the other essential points and optimising them. Of course, the material plays an important role. The 13th signature sneaker has a lighter upper due to the low material consumption.

Nike LeBron 14
The last two Signature Sneakers have a total of 5 Air Zoom pods each. The LeBron 14, however, reduced the weight by one pod and instead increased the pod in the heel.

Nike LeBron 15
King James likes the full-length Air Zoom unit. Therefore, Nike reworks the comfortable element and improves it in the 15th Nike LeBron sneaker. With narrow gaps between each insert in the sole, Nike ensures natural movement from the foot and creates a safe ride in the air to the ground.

Nike LeBron 16
The same cushioning system applies to the Nike LeBron 16. Nike exposes the cushioning and shows the high strength, stability and optimal impact protection from the sneaker.

Nike LeBron 17
With the 17th signature sneaker, you might think Nike is combining elements from previous sneakers. Two single Air Zoom pods in the forefoot support the take-off from the sprint and the jump, while the new Air Max unit in the back takes care of the other aspects.

Nike LeBron 18
The Nike LeBron 18 was introduced and released in 2020. Once again, designer Jason Petrie takes the lead and uses Nike's modern and technical innovations and combines them together. With Zoom Air and Max Air, you get a completely new feel and lead the game on court with power and speed. The sneakers also feature a Knitposite upper, which was also used on the Nike LeBron 15, 16 and 17. Could this be the ultimate LeBron sneaker?

Nike LeBron 19
Part of the Space Jam: A New Legacy x Nike x Converse collection, the Nike LeBron 19 signature basketball shoe by LeBron James makes its debut. The LeBron 19 features a dual Air Max unit in the heel and a reshaped Zoom Air unit in the forefoot, providing James with reliable comfort underfoot. According to Jason Petrie, the designer of Nike basketball shoes, the new platform was inspired by the futuristic magic of the film.

Nike LeBron 20
The Nike LeBron 20 is a notable new addition to the LeBron signature line as they debut as a low-top model. The shoe features intricate designs on the side guard that symbolise milestones in LeBron James' career. Despite the nostalgic elements, the LeBron 20 is geared towards the future generation with features such as a lower silhouette, Zoom Air cushioning and a carbon fibre midfoot shank for optimal performance. In addition, Air Zoom Turbo elements and a larger Zoom Air element at the heel provide premium cushioning and protection. Synthetic side guard edging keeps the foot secure, while the multi-directional rubber outsole provides grip on a variety of surfaces.

Nike LeBron 21
The Nike LeBron 21 represents innovation and performance for the next generation of basketball players. Inspired by the protective function of a conch shell, it offers lightness, ventilation and support for explosive movement. 360-degree zoned cables around the midfoot and breathable perforations on the Swoosh provide stability and comfort. The Zoom Turbo System and Cushlon 2.0 foam combination ensure soft landings and strong performance on the field.
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