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atmos | Collaboration with Nike, adidas and many more

In 2000, Hidefumi Hommyo founded the sneaker boutique atmos and opened its first shop in Harajuku, Japan. Since then, the brand has multiplied with its branches worldwide. Now it sells not only sneakers but also clothes in countries like Japan USA and plans to expand to every country.

It Is safe to say atmos was the company that gave a new meaning to the world of collaboration. The brand had a unique approach to things, visible in every partnership. Its most iconic designs involve animals and representing them on our favourite shoes. The sneaker boutique has partnered with Nike, adidas, Puma, Vans and all the other leading brands.

Of all the fantastic collaborations atmos have done with other brands, there is no count of how many there are. According to sources, a new collab between the footwear giants is coming every month. The sole purpose of working together is to bring some of the sickest shoes to the market.

atmos x Nike Air Max 1

The one shoe that opened the gateway to many notable collaborations was the atmos x Nike Air Max 1. In 2002, the footwear industry saw the rise of a unique design inspired by the Air Max Safari 1. It combines the Safari's colourful theme with the Air Max's silhouette. 

The design, its materials and timing, everything was perfectly aligned for the collaboration. It was released when Nike was all into opening up businesses in Japan. The era had no internet or social media, yet the release made the headlines—any retailer who had the chance to get these shoes made a fortune of a lifetime. 

Since then, we have seen several collabs of Nike x atmos; mostly, it circled the Air Max. However, atmos have started experiments by partnering with less hyped shoes such as SB Dunk Low, Court Force etc. Hommyo, the owner of atmos, has stated that Nike is undoubtedly one of his favourite companies for collaboration. 

In 2006 and 2007, we saw the release of animal packs. Hommyo has always been interested in animals, seen on shoes like Air Max 1 Elephant. As the name suggests, this shoe had an impression of a large elephant.

Every shoe that these two giants have worked on has been a success. And the credit goes to both brands. Nike was willing to take risks, and atmos had all the crazy ideas that resulted in massive achievements.

atmos x adidas

The other larger-than-life brand has to be adidas, which has collaborated with the Tokyo-based retailer. However, unlike Nike, adidas has been very limited in making partnerships.

Some of the most iconic shoes with atmos had to be glow-in-the-dark Superstars. Although users have appreciated the collaborations like ZX8000, the German brand has hesitated to join hands with atmos.

Most of the collabs they have down feature a glow-in-the-dark design with a unique colour scheme, a staple of the atmos brand.

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