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Skepta is a British grime artist whose influence extends far beyond the boundaries of his genre. Known for his astute lyrics and unique flow, Skepta has not only made his mark on the music scene, but has also left his mark on the fashion world.

Since his breakthrough with the album Konnichiwa in 2016, which brought him international recognition and the Mercury Prize, Skepta has celebrated numerous artistic and commercial successes.

Mergers with Nike and Puma

An important element in Skepta's career is his collaboration with major sportswear brands. His collaborations with Nike are particularly well known, resulting in several highly acclaimed sneaker models. These partnerships were characterised by Skepta's penchant for cultural symbolism and design innovation, which is reflected in models such as the Air Max 97.

In 2024, Skepta expanded its portfolio with a new collaboration with Puma. This partnership marks a new creative direction in which Skepta infuses its vision and style into a new range of sneakers.

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