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Kerwin Frost | The Colourful Perspective

Kerwin Frost is a household name when it comes to street style influencing. His over-the-top outfits and high-fashion styles tend to set new trends. He has been part of many fashion shows that have gone viral because of his excellent fashion choice.

The influencer is best known for his oversized clothing choices. According to him, he grew up in a poor household and used to thrift for clothes. All this has shaped his mindset and his fashion sense. He has collaborated with brands like Off-White, Palm Angels etc. And it also has a multi-year contract with adidas to produce some of the sickest shoes and apparel.

Super Stuffed Superstars

As the name suggests, this shoe was the super version of the adidas Superstars. The sneakers were always a hit, but Kewin Frost wanted to try new things and did it. The super stuffed version was 5 times larger than the original model. According to the fashion influencer, he had put his time, mind and art into remodelling one of the most iconic shoes ever. 

Talking about the materials, it has all the great attributes of the original model. The upper part is leather, with a rubber shell toe and the iconic three-stripe logo on the sides. Both the artists and brand knew they needed to try something new to attract eyeballs; thus, they drastically increased the shoe size. And they made the shoe iconic even for clowns and mascots.

Kerwin Frost x adidas Forum

The artist knew what he wanted and was all set to get it. It can be seen in the insanely designed Forum Hi and Low. At first, everyone thought of this release as a joke. Until it was officially released by the company that one could wear a funny face on their show. The Forum was already a popular shoe, and KW needed to try something new. Therefore, he used a moulded nose, plastic eyes, a silicone mouth and over-the-top colours on the latest edition of Forum High and Low. The branding of Kewin Frost can be seen on the ankle strap.

This group of graphic characters embossed on a shoe was the first step toward the greatness ahead. We are seeing more and more crazy design collaborations between the two giants. One question it raises is whether these shoes are just for fun or made to wear.

Indeed, the collabs are significant, requiring confidence to wear them out in public. But once you get the feel of these shoes, nothing stops you. We are looking forward to all the crazy designs in the pipeline.

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