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Palace Skateboards, commonly known as Palace, is a London-based skateboarding and clothing company established in 2009. Levent Tanju and his skate team founded the brand. Once, it was known as the Palace Wayward Boys Choir because it had all the elements of a frat house, choir, and friendship. 
The brand produces footwear inspired by 90s skateboarding and pop culture influences. It has a chain of stores worldwide and releases a new product every Friday. Of all the great reasons the brand became popular, the leading cause is its uniqueness and rarity. 

When it comes to collaborations, Palace believes in quality rather than quantity. It has worked with leading brands such as New Balance, adidas, Reebok, and more. 

Palace x adidas Palace Pro Trainer

Reebok was one of the earliest collaborators with Palace and produced shoes 14.8 years ahead of the competition. To top this off, the brand partnered with adidas to create the Palace Pro Trainer. 

The shoe comprised an entirely new silhouette that took inspiration from the Gazelle and Z.X. Flux, with added features to make the shoe timeless. It became one of the best-selling shoe collaborations and helped Palace achieve new heights of success.

Palace x adidas Palace Pro BOOST

The Palace Pro Boost saw the addition of Boost in the ordinary Palace Pro, making it more comfortable and stylish. It helped the shoe become an even bigger brand and reach new heights of success. The shoe came with both Primeknit and leather on the upper.

Palace x adidas CM BOOST

The third release in the series was the CM Boost, which took inspiration from the Copa Mundial. It takes inspiration from the soccer culture to produce a simple yet vibrant black-on-white and vice versa. 

Palace x adidas O'Reardon 

Palace has given new lives to various old-school shoes of adidas, O'Reardon being one of them. The 90s hit shoe that Josh Kalis once wore during the era of skateboarding saw a new life with three different colourways. However, there were not many changes to the design, with a minimal update of adding "Palace" branding under the three stripes. 

Palace x New Balance 327

The Capsule Shoe draws inspiration from traditional bandana prints, which makes it unique looking from every angle. It has the colourway of signature grey with a contrasting iconic "N" logo. The shoe has a colour of blues, greys, and blacks, making it quite stylish yet sober.

Moreover, the second iteration provides a more youthful splash of colours. It comes in red, yellow, blue and green, striking the shoes as you wear them at the party. In addition, the white outsole and matching tongue make the overall look of the shoe quite sober. For details, the shoe is rounded out with branding towards the rear.
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