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In the journey from being a passion project to becoming the face of rebels, Vans has worked its way up the ladder. Their iconic old-school vibe shoes have made them the choice of every millennial. Vans are known as the face of misfits and have always targeted them. It started as a footwear company for skaters and BMX riders. Nowadays, the brand is not solely limited to them, but instead expanding their roots in the fashion and streetwear industry. Check the free Grailify App to find out about the latest Vans sneaker releases.

History of Vans - Shoes Made By Hand

Vans was born in 1966; originally, it was known as Van Doren Rubber Company. The company's only motto was to solve one problem, the intermediaries. The two brothers, Paul and James Van, were all set to provide shoes to customers without needing wholesalers. 

Even so, the two brothers used to make the shoe themselves for the customers. It is reported that on the first day of their sale, the brothers made and sold 12 shoes made by hand. Customers ordered in the morning, and their shoes were ready by the afternoon. The times were so bad that the brothers didn't even have the money to give change back.

Vans Off The Wall - An Iconic Slogan

One of the most iconic lines in the footwear industry, Off the Wall, has a deeper connection to the brand's identity. In the mid-'70s, skaters used to perform tricks in empty pools by skating Off the Wall. Skateboarders were thought of as outcasts in society. Since the brand targeted skateboarders, they used the term as their slogan.

Soon the brand started making shoes for the skateboarding community. The skateboarding community loved the brand back. These shoes had sticky soles, which gave them traction on the board. In 1976, the brand officially launched the Off the Wall logo on its shoes, which is iconic to date. Vans also introduced a jazz stripe, which has become their staple selling point. Soon every skateboarder and BMX rider was rocking a pair of Vans. 

Vans also participated in movies like "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". The shoes were seen on the feet of Jeff Spicoli, which helped the brand reach new heights of success.

All this cross-culture boom became the number one reason for Vans' success. Soon, Vans were seen in every skateboard shop. Moreover, the Vans Warped Tour, which started in 1995, has also become a reason for its immense popularity. Pop stars like Katy Perry and Paramore have performed at the high-event.

The Brand That Stayed True to Its Roots

The success of any brand depends on how much risk they are willing to take. And, Vans is unstoppable in taking risks and converting them into success. Vans was the first brand that gave importance to subculture rather than the mainstream. They knew the market they were targeting and believed in it. 

Vans originally originated as a brand for the people. The two brothers wanted to make something unique for everyone. However, in this world of global demand, it takes work to fulfill. However, Vans has tried its best to be true to its roots. Even now, the brand offers customisation for enhanced customer participation.

The youth culture brand allows customers to have a considerable degree of control over their shoes. Users can choose different styles, materials, functions etc. The company's officials believe staying true to one's heritage is equally important.

With the changing world, Vans has also changed its marketing techniques. It started with unintentional marketing in movies and now, have shifted to social media marketing. It is obvious for a youth-centred brand to advertise where its audience is present. The instagram account of Vans is said to be the sought-after handle. They post colourful images of their shoes, consumers, and everything they stand for. It makes it much more relatable than random models wearing the shoes. 

The same goes for collaborations with others. Vans believes in quality rather than quantity. The brand's official stated that they are quite selective about their brand deals. They say no to more things rather than yes. It has helped the brand achieve a passionate group of lovers. Moreover, it allows the brand to stay relevant among the people who love this brand.
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