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Vans Authentic | For Your Ideal Summer Vibe

The shoe that started it all, Vans Authentic, set the trend regarding skateboarding culture. In 1966, this sneaker was the foundation of skate culture in California. And, years later, the brand and skating have become synonymous. It is a low-top shoe that looks good on every outfit in your cupboard. It features a simple lace-up design complimented by the casual canvas upper. 

Vans Authentic has been around for the longest time possible, with the first edition popping everywhere 55 years ago. Although, the company keeps releasing new colour schemes now and then. All the designs have a meaning to them that uplifts your style statement.


The foremost important thing in any shoe is its comfort. One should feel relaxed and light when wearing a pair. And, Vans Authentic nailed that. You can walk all day long in the shoe and won't feel anything. It is one reason the shoe gained popularity on and off the court.

The best part about these shoes is they tend to get softer every time you wear them. Like your favourite jeans, the more comfortable you wear them, the more comfortable they get. The Authentic doesn't require breaking in and grips your feet in the best way possible.

One thing to notice about the shoe is its weight or lack thereof. Due to its breathable canvas, the airflow is optimal. It also prevents your feet from sweating and causing an odour. 
Furthermore, the company cares about making this planet greener. Thus, it features eco-friendly shoes with the same premium build quality.


Vans are known for its top design aesthetics, making them distinctive from the competition. Be it their check pattern or flowery colours. One can wear it casually to the university with jeans or run errands.

The shoes are light and easy to slip on. Moreover, no matter how much you walk in them, they never hurt your feet by rubbing against them.

Reasons to Buy

  • Breathable Design
  • Easy to Break In
  • Colourful Patterns and Designs
  • Lifestyle Everyday Wear
  • Affordable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not made for every season
  • Gets Dirty Easily

The Verdict

The shoe has a great history and is a product of years of revolution. It has some of the most exotic designs that elevate your styling game. And the comfort that makes you keep wearing the shoe all day, every day.
So if you are willing to change the shoe occasionally, buying this shoe might make sense. Also, try a new pattern every time you buy to spice up your closet.

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