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Karhu is a company focusing on improving the quality of running. It constantly brings in new products to add more value to our lives. The brand is Finnish and was originally developed with the name " Oy Urheilutarpeita" in 1916, but guess what? They focused on rebranding and changed its name to "Karhu," which means "bear." The victory of Paavo Nurmi in a Boston Marathon set the stage for the Karhu brand to shine in the running shoe industry. After rebranding in 1920, Karhu changed its logo to a bear shape. The bear shape has grace and acts as a branding factor for them. 

Karhu - Improving the Quality of Running

Karhu offers nothing below the top quality running shoes, and it belongs to the oldest sneaker brands around the globe. Some of their models include the following:

This model from Karhu can enhance your sneaker collection because of its simple yet attractive style. The upper body is made of nylon, adding more style to your stylish personality. This classic model, made in the 1980s for the first time, is still the favorite of many fashion freaks because of its attractive style.

This model took its first breath in 1996, and since then, the sneakerheads have gone mad over this one. It comes with Karhu's signature innovation, i.e., Fulcrum technology. It was introduced after their cushioned technology innovation; and is a better version. Because the former would drain people's energy, and no one can afford that, right? And this was happening because of constant compressing with up and down movement. The innovation was meant to make runners run faster without getting drained. This one was the evolution that Karhu had to do to stay on top of the sneakerheads' minds. 

Fusion 2.0
This model was a modern one to target the sneaker freaks out there. And this one also has mesh-made upper skin and a sleek design. It has built-in fulcrum technology in it, which makes it classy and comfy at the same time. It comes with a load of variations to choose the one that suits you. 

Legacy 96
The Legacy 96 was a huge hit for Karhu; as soon as it came on the market, it became everyone's favorite shoe. And sales increased rapidly. It was a versatile shoe for every occasion you can imagine because of its infused casual and fulcrum technology. This makes it the go-to sneaker if someone's looking for comfort and style simultaneously.

The Mestari came with a unique style, the way Karhu came with a unique innovation. It comes with a side zip for the lazy folks to take on and off with ease. 

Synchron Classic
The Synchron classic, as the name suggests, is a classic model, but it comes with modern technology and with the advancements in technology. This model is supportive, in terms of athletic activities, for sports and other stuff — that doesn't feel very easy otherwise.

The Trampas was first introduced in the 1960s, which makes it classic, especially if you're a sucker for classic style. It also comes with great versatility and makes it usable for everyday usage. And this one, indeed, is a timeless sneaker. 

Karhu features mostly classic styles but with modern technology, with its unique identity, i.e. Fulcrum technology, it is especially useful to be productive at running and get more running done while doing less work. The comfort that it provides makes it unique.
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