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Karhu Trampas

A Finnish heritage of quality and design

The Karhu Trampas represents the rich history and heritage of the Finnish brand Karhu, which has been providing athletes and sports enthusiasts with high-quality sportswear and sports shoes since its foundation in 1916. Originally developed for training in the 1960s, the Trampas has its roots in tennis and has been praised for its exceptional functionality and comfort.

This sneaker combines understated elegance with practical performance. The high-quality leather upper not only gives the shoe an attractive look, but also ensures durability and comfort. The clean lines and minimalist aesthetics of the Trampas reflect the Scandinavian understanding of design, which emphasises functionality and simple beauty.

A special feature of the Karhu Trampas is its robust yet flexible sole, which has been developed for optimum traction on different surfaces. This sole, together with the careful construction of the shoe, ensures a stable and comfortable walking experience, making it the ideal companion both on the tennis court and in everyday life.

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