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Marvel is the name that pops up when we think of great comics and excellent movies. The entertainment company started in 1939 and has never looked back. It is regarded as the biggest comic book company in the world. The parent company, "Marvel Entertainment, " is based in New York City.

In 1961, the company started to see massive growth with the help of creators like Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and many more. They all produced the best comics for the audience's joy.

Soon as the world changed and people demanded movies, Marvel made some of the biggest blockbusters ever. Be it the Avengers, Iron Man, or the friendly neighbourhood spiderman. Every movie that the company made was a hit. To provide an even better experience to users, Marvel collaborated with adidas to create some of the sickest pairs of shoes. 

Marvel x adidas Ultra Boost DNA 5.0

One of the Marvel universe's highest-grossing movies must be Black Panther. Paying homage to Chadwick Boseman by making a shoe for his movie was necessary. The adidas Ultra Boost DNA 5.0 has everything you need for short runs and long walks. The running shoes have the upper part made of Primeknit with the comfort of the ultra boost technology. It allows users to run comfortably. 

The shoe also cares for the environment, as it is made with recycled materials from Parley Ocean Plastic. The heel of the shoe is made with years of data on athletic runners for the average consumer. Moreover, the graphic on the heel adds more character to the shoe and brings it to life. 

Marvel Spiderman x adidas Superstar

Spiderman has to be the most popular comic of all time. We all wished to be bitten by a spider and throw webs. That may not be possible; however, one can wear the Spiderman Miles Morales to get the same feel.

As for the design, it is evident that the shoe takes inspiration from Spiderman. The red and black designs depict the spidey suit and look premium from every angle. It has a base bright red colour with black accents complimenting your outfit. 

One cool thing is the small PlayStation symbol on the lace. Since the game is available on the console, it offers a customized feeling to the user. In addition, the leather tongue has far more cushioning than other shoes. It makes the shoe very much more comfortable than the competition. The shoe not only looks good but also performs well. The one thing that this shoe lacks is a premium box.

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